Sound City 'puts Liverpool on the map' with help from LJMU students

Sound City 'puts Liverpool on the map' with help from LJMU students


Now in its eleventh year, Sound City, a vibrant celebration of music and arts, showcases some of the best bands and seeks out the next generation of talent from a wide range of musical styles. LJMU is proud of the part its students play in bringing the festival together. Sound City organisers work closely with LJMU’s Careers Centre and the Faculties of Arts, Professional and Social Studies, Liverpool Business School and Engineering and Technology, to provide students with opportunities to gain exciting, hands-on work experience and paid internships leading up to and during the festival.

"Sound City is all about putting Liverpool on the's about trying to create meaning for Liverpool in the 21st century." – Dave Pichilingi, Sound City founder

Through the LJMU/Sound City internship programme, Liverpool Screen School students produced film and digital content, managed social media accounts and captured the activities that have made Sound City the unique experience it is. The video above was produced by students in the School’s Production Unit (PULSS) and features Sound City founder, Dave Pichilingi as well as media students explaining their roles and the reasons why they got involved in the festival last year.

"It's a completely different experience to what we do at uni because that's more film based whereas this is something that's kind of guerrilla filmmaking, off the cuff." – Melina Fiol, Film Studies student

If you’re interested in studying media, take a look at the courses on offer within the Liverpool Screen School at LJMU.


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