7 tips to get you through Clearing

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Clearing is all about exploring new opportunities. It’s your chance to make a life-changing decision that could set you upon a completely new, and perhaps unexpected, path.

Maybe you’ve changed your mind (it happens!), or you’re a late applicant, or things haven’t gone as you expected them to. Clearing is your opportunity to turn things around – maybe even turn your life upside down – but it is totally worth it in the end!

To help you take that leap of faith, here are our top tips to get you through Clearing and into the university that’s right for you.

  1. PMA. A Positive Mental Attitude will keep you calm, collected and in control – you’re also more likely to make a rational decision.

  2. Plan ahead. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Clearing, but the more you plan the better prepared you’ll be. When making those important calls find a quiet place and ensure you have: your UCAS ID number, your A level results/qualifications, questions you want to ask, your UCAS login details, and notes about the course you want to study, including why you want to study your chosen subject and any relevant work experience you may have.

  3. Research. Make a list of potential universities based on your criteria to help focus your search, for example: ‘I want to study Geography and live within two hours of home.’ Make a note of who you want to contact and the numbers you need to call.

  4. Visit. Does the university offer a Clearing Open Day? Where you study is a huge part of your university experience. 

  5. Think. Don’t just accept the first course offered to you but give some consideration to what the course entails and your own ambitions.

  6. Remember… Your verbal offer is not confirmed until you refer yourself via UCAS. You will also need to think about updating your student finance application and booking student accommodation (if you need it).  

  7. Good luck! Making big life decisions is hard, but you can do this! Most importantly, we want you to be happy in your choice and have an amazing student experience.

Whether you have your results or not, explore your options with LJMU at ljmu.ac.uk/clearing


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Clearing survival guide

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Don't panic! 5 tips to help you through Clearing