Meet your JMSU Student Officer Team 2018/19

Meet your JMSU Student Officer Team 2018/19

JMSU officers Julia Daer, Angelina Cliff, Howisha Penny, Fiona Brereton
L-R: Julia Daer, Angelina Cliff, Howisha Penny and Fiona Brereton

Each year, LJMU students can vote for four Student Officers to work within Liverpool John Moores Students' Union (JMSU). Once elected, the Student Officers are responsible for representing the LJMU student body and leading on priorities for students. 

We met with the team to find out more about their roles and what each of them will be bringing to your Students’ Union team.

Angelina Cliff, President

My job is to oversee the Student Officer Team and be the key contact between the University and the SU. I make sure students are heard when important strategic decisions are being made by the University. I’m also Chair of the Trustee Board and the lead delegate to represent LJMU at NUS National Conference.

This year my priorities are leading a united Student Officer Team, ensuring they are supported in everything they do, as well as building better communications and links with the university. I will be working on women’s liberation and gender equality, as well as tenancy rights, rent caps, and increasing awareness of university policies that affect LJMU students.

Fiona Brereton, Vice President – Activities

I work closely with our sports clubs and societies helping them develop and enhance their members’ experiences. I also support and promote social, cultural and religious activities through our student groups.

During Welcome Week I will be working hard to promote involvement in clubs and societies as I believe it is very important to get involved with our amazing groups. Throughout the year I will be focusing on enhancing inter-society communication, reviewing and ensuring adequate funding for all groups and ensuring that there are more opportunities for current and new members of every society at LJMU.

Howisha Penny, Vice President – Community Engagement 

I’m here to ensure that all LJMU students are happy, their health and wellbeing is looked after and they feel safe within their university community. I work on wellbeing, accommodation, safety and transport and am the face of LJMU students for the local community and local councils.

I will be focusing on student mental health, celebrating diversity and pushing for more vegan, vegetarian and halal food options on campus.

Julia Daer, Vice President – Academic Quality 

My role revolves around ensuring students get the best out of their degree by improving teaching, learning and resources at LJMU. I attend meetings with the University to ensure they know what students need from their education.

I want to offer students more support in terms of services for personal and professional development. That includes optional languages courses, particularly for students planning to go abroad with university programmes or if it’s required for a particular job. I’m also aiming to increase the number of placements across courses.

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