Meet 'Honey, I shrunk Liverpool' creator, Cathryn Appleton

Meet 'Honey, I shrunk Liverpool' creator, Cathryn Appleton

Be careful when you're walking the streets of Liverpool, you don't want to stumble over Cathryn Appleton – you never know where she'll be setting up and photographing her tiny, surreal worlds.

Ice cream truck

Just an inch off the ground, Cathryn's Lilliputian people go about their micro lives in amongst the massive, but less fun, real world. Like mini movie scenes frozen in time, Cathryn's photos have attracted many fans – Honey, I shrunk Liverpool has over 10,500 followers on Instagram.

But where did it all begin? As a child, Cathryn was always making videos and stop motion animations. She was told, by someone wise, to study something she would enjoy at uni. So when the time came to choose a direction, she knew she wanted to study media.

Cathryn AppletonDeveloping her talent and gaining new skills on the Media Professional Studies degree and Digital Marketing MSc at LJMU helped her progress to her current role in the digital creative team at TJ Morris. But despite being able to express herself in her day job, Cathryn still needed to work on her own creative projects; to pursue pastimes that never really left her. That's where Honey, I shrunk Liverpool comes in. 

We caught up with Cathryn to learn more about her not-so-little side project.

How did you come up with the idea for Honey, I shrunk Liverpool?

"I started out taking photos on my first Instagram account Snappleton. I love taking photos of the people and architecture of Liverpool, but there are so many amazing people out there doing it and I wanted to show Liverpool in a different way. I started to notice a lot of toy photography online and decided to put my own spin on it and give it a go!"

Why is Liverpool a good setting for your art?

"There is usually something going on in Liverpool and even when there isn’t, there is always a good backdrop with the many incredible buildings and spaces. The photography community in Liverpool is also very supportive which has made it so much easier to grow and maintain a following."

Where do your ideas come from?

"I usually find if I sit down to come up with ideas, I can never come up with anything. They mainly come from just walking around the city and seeing how people interact with one another. I also keep a close eye on everything going on in the city to grab photo opportunities."

Honey I shrunk Liverpool - drive in

Do you get strange looks when setting up your photographs?

"Yes! Lately I have been getting concerned looks from passers-by who tend to ask if I am ok! Mainly though, it is people who are interested in what I am doing, people tend to kneel down and have a look, and children love it."

How small are your figures? How are they made?

"They are all around 1 inch tall. I usually buy them already painted however I have recently started to learn how to paint them myself which I am really enjoying."

What companies have commissioned you for your artwork?

"I have worked with FACT celebrating their 15th birthday. I was commissioned to take some pictures for Home Bargains for their offices and most recently I have been working with Amy Collins (PinHead UK) to photograph her portfolio for her website and blogs."

What are your future plans for Honey, I shrunk Liverpool?

"I would really love to work on some more commissions with companies as I find it such a good challenge. I also want to continue to paint the figures myself to really challenge my creativity."

LJMU was Cathryn's first choice from the start:
"When I went for the Open Day at LJMU I instantly knew it was the place for me. I loved the modernity and atmosphere of the buildings and the way the libraries and lecture halls where spread all around the city."

Interested in studying media or marketing at LJMU? Take a look at the courses on offer and join us for our next Open Day.


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