How to write a standout personal statement

How to write a standout personal statement

Struggling to write a personal statement to support your university application? Our in-house expert, Andrew Cooper, shares his insider knowledge to show you how to approach this essential document.

Watch the video above for a quick guide to writing a personal statement that will get you noticed.

As someone who’s seen plenty of personal statements in his time, Outreach Team member, Andrew Cooper is best placed to offer his tips on how to write a winning personal statement. Watch the video to find out what universities are looking for in a personal statement, how to get the structure right, what not to include, how to get over your writer’s block and much more.

Andrew’s top tips:

  1. Treat your personal statement the same way you would an interview. Highlight three positive things about yourself; these don’t have to be really huge achievements but things you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of and make you stand out

  2. Spend time planning your structure before you start writing. Having that initial plan of what you’re going to talk about will really make it easier for the flow of your writing and will help you tell the ‘story of you’ in a natural way

  3. If you’re having trouble getting started, then begin by writing paragraph two of your personal statement rather than the introduction. Get down your thoughts on why you want to apply for the course and this inevitably will lead you to talk about related interests, hobbies and extracurricular activities. These will serve as evidence to back up your enthusiasm for the subject matter

If you are looking for more advice UCAS also provide helpful tips and videos on how to approach writing your personal statement

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