9 things to do in Liverpool this Christmas

Christmas Ice Festival

No other city does Christmas quite like Liverpool. We’ve created a list of some of our favourite festive things to do in the city so if you’re looking to get that warm, fuzzy feeling without drinking hot toddies, consider taking in some of these activities…

1. Watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on the big screen

Liverpool Philharmonic, Christmas Eve 11am or 2pm 

Time to stop watching the True Christmas channel and head over to the Phil for a proper Christmas movie.

It's a wonderful life film still

2. Buy presents from shops you don’t usually go into

Menkind comes to mind. So does L’Occitane. There are others.
(Don’t panic if you haven't started shopping, Liverpool ONE is open until 9pm on weeknights from 11-23 December.)

3. Make believe you’re in Lapland

Christmas Ice Festival, Pier Head, 17 November-7 January

Head down to the Pier Head for the closest thing to a winter wonderland we’re likely to have in these parts. You can practice your triple axel on the ice rink, try out the UK’s largest ever ice slide or if you’re interested in determining your tolerance of sub-zero temperatures, head over to the ice bar to sit on icy furniture and sip ice cold drinks.

Christmas Ice Festival ride

4. Feast your eyes on ONE big tree

You've probably seen it by now, it's hard to miss. Next time you're shopping at Liverpool ONE, why not stop to admire the 30m high tannenbaum with its 280 colour-changing hearts. If the sight of the tree makes you feel like singing the first verse of ‘Good King Wenceslas’, there’s carol-oke in the wooden huts underneath just for that purpose. You can also pop over to Chavasse Park where you’ll find a traditional merry-go-round and helter skelter, food and drink stalls, and a giant walk-in snowglobe.

5. Find a present for that tricky person on your list

Winter Arts Market, Liverpool Cathedral, 2 December, 10am-7pm
(this event has now ended, check out other festive markets in the city)

With over 200 stalls of arts and crafts in the majestic setting of the Cathedral, the Winter Arts Market is the perfect place to find a unique gift. This year, three of our very own graduates – Laura-Kate Chapman, Lisa Robson and Elaine Adams – will be selling their artwork. Be sure to check out their stalls.

Winter Arts Market

6. Catch up with Santa

Snö Garden, Camp and Furnace, 18-23 December

Camp and Furnace promises snow every day in their giant indoor winter festival. They're putting on some festive food and drink, Christmas movies and a Bad Santa Grotto.

7. Sip mulled wine at the Christmas market

Plenty of markets going on around Liverpool, find one near you

Of course there are other only-tolerable-at-Christmas beverages such as snowballs, eggnog and Harvey’s Bristol Cream but mulled wine seems to be the drink of choice. Get over to the Christmas market to have a cup with some bratwurst or a hazelnut crepe – otherwise it just won’t be Christmas.

Stars in Christmas market

8. Get cosy in the living room

Home Alone Themed Bar, Ghetto Golf, Cains Brewery Village, 5-28 December

Back in the days when Macaulay Culkin was a cute kid he made a film called ‘Home Alone’. The film seems to have attracted some nostalgia as the people behind Ghetto Golf are opening a pop up bar based on it. The bar will feature living room settings decorated for Christmas, cocktails and Sinatra on the stereo. So now you can leave the comfort of home for the comfort of home plus strangers sitting on sofas across from you.

9. Fuel up on really, really sweet coffee

Any chain or independent café near you

Gingerbread latte, peppermint mocha, salted caramel cappuccino – is there even any coffee in these drinks? Does it matter anymore? It’s Christmas, this is what we do now. Let it froth!

Christmas coffee

Looking for even more things to do at Christmas? Why not take a look at the Student Opportunities blog so you can take advantage of some of the free and discounted events on offer to you as an LJMU student.



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