8 myths about Degree Apprenticeships dispelled

Myths about Degree Apprenticeships

Discover the truth about Degree Apprenticeships and find out what your business might be missing out on.

Degree Apprentice

Degree Apprenticeships offer businesses many great benefits but there are lots of myths that get in the way of employers taking up these fantastic opportunities to develop and enhance their workforce.

1. “Apprentices aren’t academically-minded, so we won’t get the best people for our profession.”

Untrue. Degree Apprentices who apply to study at LJMU still have to make the grade. They will need to meet the same entry requirements and high standards for the degree, the same as any other LJMU applicant.

2. “Apprenticeships are just for school leavers.”

Untrue. Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16. So whether your business needs a new recruit or to upskill a current staff member, a Degree Apprenticeship could be the solution to fill the skills gap in your company.

3. “Degree Apprenticeships will take my employee away from the workplace for too much of the time, I need someone available for the day job.”

Untrue. Degree Apprentices spend just 20% of their time (about one day per week) studying for their degree with the majority of their time in the workplace (at least 30 hours per week).

4. “It’ll take too long for an apprentice to gain their qualification, we need qualified people to fill our positions.”

Untrue. A Degree Apprentice will take 4-5 years to complete their degree, not that much longer than a traditional degree. Plus the time they spend at work contributes towards their accreditation, meaning they’ll be professionally qualified soon after they graduate.

5. “We’re just a small business, Degree Apprenticeships are best suited to large companies who can afford the training costs.”

Untrue. In fact being a small or medium-sized business is advantageous when it comes to getting funding for Degree Apprenticeships since you likely won’t have to contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy but you will be able to draw 90%-100% of the fund to help towards training costs for the apprentice. Take a look at our funding section to find out more.

6. “Trying to find the best person for the position will take a lot of time and effort.”

Untrue. LJMU can help in the recruitment process. We will ensure that your opportunity reaches prospective candidates by posting your vacancies. We also work with local schools on outreach programmes and we can help source suitable candidates at our Open Day events.  

7. “The learning they receive will be too generic and not relevant to our industry.”

Untrue. Research and innovation are at the heart of LJMU’s courses so you can be sure that our students receive up-to-date skills and knowledge relevant to your sector. Plus you’ll be able to inform the curriculum of the course by working with us in the design and delivery of the programme.

8. “It's too risky for us to invest in such a new scheme.”

Untrue. LJMU has a proven track record in successfully developing high level apprenticeships to meet industry needs. Since 2016, the University has welcomed 160 Degree Apprentices from over 100 employers across a broad range of sectors. This experience puts LJMU in an excellent position to assist employers that are keen to get onboard with Degree Apprenticeships, guiding them through the process from curriculum development through to graduation and all the stages in between.

To find out if your business could benefit from sponsoring a Degree Apprentice, take a look at our Degree Apprenticeships section.


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