6 sure signs that you’ve definitely graduated

6 sure signs that you’ve definitely graduated

Student on graduation day

You’ve had a few weeks of restless sleep leading up to the big day so when it’s finally time to graduate it might all seem a bit dreamy. Is it really happening? Can you be sure you’ve actually made it? Not to worry, we list some of the unmissable signs that you’ve made it to graduation.

1. Rituals

Maces being carried around, people in strange long cloaks, organs playing, intimidating gothic architecture – you better hope it’s graduation day.

Interior of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Intimidating? Nah.

2. Mortarboards

Not the best headwear ever designed. You’ll spend a lot of the day wondering whether it’s on your head properly, which side the tassel should be on, etc. You’ll also question whether it was worth paying all that money to get your hair done. Best part of the day will be throwing it up in the air.

Student holding onto her mortarboard in rainy windy weather
Let's hope for sun.

3. Clapping

If you find you’re spending a large proportion of your time clapping your hands, it probably means you’ve made it to your graduation ceremony.

Row of students in gowns and mortarboards clapping
Better get used to this.

4. Selfies

People are taking selfies like there’s no tomorrow. Everywhere you look the selfie sticks are out – even more so than usual. There’s definitely something up.

Group of students taking a selfie
Solo or group, a selfie's essential.

5. Handshakes

Suddenly you’ve become self-conscious about your handshake. Is it firm or weak? Is it cold and clammy or sweaty? It’s never been something you’ve had to pay much attention to before. Will the VC notice it’s not quite up to par? Is this the final test before they give out those scrolls?

Students shaking hands as they receive their scrolls
At least you only have to do it once.

6. Talk of the ‘Future’

People keep talking about the future. The people making speeches, the people around you in those cloaks, your parents…‘What now?’ seems to be the question hanging in the air. But that’s for tomorrow not for today. Today is about collecting your well-deserved scroll (determined in part by your successful handshake), smiling (not just for photos), popping champagne and throwing up that cap.

Instagram photo of students celebrating graduation with champagne

Congratulations to LJMU graduates!


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