Humans of LJMU: Valeria

Valeria from Italy, talks about her time studying at LJMU

Valeria LJMU Graduate sitting outside cafe smiling

“I am from a small village in the central part of Italy, close to the Adriatic coast. Where I’m from there are 1,700 people so it’s very small but very beautiful. Whilst studying for my Integrated PhD in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, I won a scholarship to do an Erasmus project, and I chose to study in Liverpool.

"It was amazing coming here because I had the opportunity to meet new people and discover new lab techniques, as the labs and facilities are much more modern than back in Italy. Also, there is much more nightlife here, so many more shops and restaurants, so for me, this was like heaven when I moved. My favourite thing about Liverpool before COVID and before being a PhD student was the nightlife.

"I love the scouse people because they are super kind and super nice and welcoming to me. They make me feel in the right place at the right moment every time. After Erasmus, I fell in love with Liverpool and all the amazing people. I went back to Italy for my graduation, but then I won another scholarship, so I applied for a PhD here and moved straight back to the city.

"My experience here at John Moores has been amazing. Straight away I felt the connection with my supervisors, who have been super present every time. They are so inspiring, and they have been great role models for me. To do a multi-disciplinary PhD and explore different areas, learning new techniques and methods in such an amazing city; I’ve loved it.

"Once I graduate, I will be moving down south to work as a scientist for a company specialising in medicines for lung conditions such as Asthma and COPD. I’m so excited to get started; It’s my dream job. But I’ll still be coming back every weekend to see all of my friends here.”

LJMU Graduate

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