Hate washing dishes? A product designed by an LJMU student makes the task easier

Hate washing dishes? A product designed by an LJMU student makes the task easier

Matt Fryer, a Product Design Engineering student at Liverpool John Moores University, has created a new product which saves water, money and time when doing the dishes. The Ultrasinc is designed to eliminate the need to scrub dishes under a running tap. It also alleviates the stress and strain of one of the most hated household chores – cleaning the oven. Through the process of ultrasonic cavitation, the product is very effective at removing tough dirt from oven racks and other kitchen items that require lots of scrubbing.

How the Ultrasinc works

Embedded in the basin are ultrasonic transducers. When activated, these fire ultrasonic waves through the water. At the low pressure points in these waves, cavitation bubbles form on the surface of any item submerged in the water. The bubbles implode with great force and break away even the toughest of dirt.

So what gave Matt the idea for Ultrasinc:

“I came up with my idea through my research into the water crisis and wastage in the domestic environment. The most water consuming task in the kitchen I found through secondary research was washing the dishes. Space being a premium in many homes, appliances like dishwashers are often replaced with storage space. The kitchen sink is a vital part to any kitchen, so I set about designing a solution to reduce the water usage while incorporating it into the space already occupied by the sink.”

Ultrasinc will not only help people save money on their water bills, it will also help the environment, both of which form the basis for Matt’s design philosophy:

“This is something I firmly believe in as a designer, that the solutions our society will take up towards climate change will be ones that are easier and better than the non-sustainable alternative, making them a no-brainer. The idea of this drives me to design significant products that will positively impact the planet and society.”

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