Where can you find some flippin' good pancakes in Liverpool?

We visited a few of Liverpool's breakfast spots to try out their pancake offerings. We've chosen just a few here, so feel free to add your suggestions to the mix.


Whether you’re into your French crêpes or American-style ‘flapjacks’ or if you prefer sweet or savoury pancakes, Liverpool has its fair share of restaurants and cafes serving them up. Here’s our very short guide to some of the places where you can enjoy them.

The breakfast classic

Blueberry pancakes – Moose Coffee

Blueberry pancakes

Moose specialises in American/Canadian breakfasts and their traditional pancakes don’t disappoint. We tried the blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. No need to order any sides with these pancakes as they’re a meal in themselves. Moose also offer pancakes with streaky bacon, chocolate hazelnut spread, apple and salted caramel, granola and chocolate peanut butter, or banana and pecan. The atmosphere at Moose is really quite special too, if you wake up sleepy from a late night of studying, it has a way of slowly easing you into the day.

Think again

Chickpea pancakes – Love Thy Neighbour

On our pursuit for the unique take on the humble pancake, we ventured down Bold Street. In Love Thy Neighbour, we tried the chickpea pancakes with smashed avocado, hummus and tomatoes – a really tasty brunch alternative. For those who like their pancakes with protein on the side, you could try them with smoked salmon, a poached egg or grilled chicken. Love Thy Neighbour also do 'fluffy' pancakes with yoghurt, berries, blueberry syrup and mint – and you can top them off with ice cream in chocolate, biscotti or bubble gum flavours. So if you're up for it, you can get your savoury and your sweet all in one sitting.

Go vegan

Vegan pancakes – The Egg Cafe


Known for its inexpensive vegetarian and vegan food and its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the Egg Cafe is a bit of a Liverpool institution. The lofty cafe is at its best when the sun is shining through the windows and you can look across the rooftops to the bustle of the city below. But the view comes at a price – to your legs not your wallet – after a climb up the long staircase, sustenance is required. It was vegan pancakes on the menu. The verdict: lovely.

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We'd love to hear your suggestions for where to get pancakes in the city. Or if you have a great pancake recipe feel free to share it.



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