'It's life changing' - reasons why students study for a degree

'It's life changing' - reasons why students study for a degree

The value of a university education has been a hot topic for some time, even before the changes to tuition fees in the UK. We list six reasons why getting a degree is a valuable investment in your future.

1. It greatly enhances your CV

Having a degree once set people apart from the competition but nowadays a degree is fast becoming the standard requirement for many positions. Take any random sample of job adverts and you’ll see that most employers ask for applicants to have a degree for their roles.

2. It offers higher earning potential

Graduates can command a higher salary in comparison with school and college leavers. According to 2016 research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, graduates in their late thirties earn about 1.6 times as much per hour as those who left school at 16. A report by the job website, Adzuna, found that jobseekers without a degree could earn up to £12,000 a year less than their graduate peers entering the job market – the equivalent of more than £500,000 over an average working life.

“It's life changing, it's a gateway to careers and possibilities that you wouldn't have, had you not gone to university.”
– Claire McAteer, Nursing student at LJMU

3. It provides relevant work experience

Liverpool John Moores University places particular importance on employability by ensuring that you are given tailored opportunities to gain work experience through placements relevant to your career path. At LJMU you'll work in practical environments and learn from academics who are experts in their fields in order to prepare you for the real world.

95.2% of Liverpool John Moores University graduates are working within six months of completing their degree or are pursuing further study in their disciplines.
– HESA Destination Data 2016

4. It enables you to explore career possibilities and find your niche

Not all school-leavers are certain about their goals in life. At university you're able to explore a range of possibilities within your subject area and discover the potential career options available – jobs you might not have considered or were even aware of. Guest speakers, tours of working environments and networking opportunities with employers all aid in helping you to discover what's out there. Studying at university also provides the time and headspace to discover what you're most interested in and have an aptitude for.

5. It provides transferable skills

Besides the knowledge associated with the degree studied, university graduates also pick up useful transferable skills that employers are looking for such as time management and organisational skills. After three years of study, you'll have honed your written and oral communications skills as well as developed analytical skills and the ability to think creatively. These are as valuable in the workplace as they are in higher education and possessing them will help ease you into the demands of work.

“LJMU have taken an extremely proactive approach to employability within their delivery, embedding core competencies for work within the learning environment and ensuring graduates have the maximum opportunity to be prepared for entering the workplace.”
– Paul Cherpeau, CEO Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce

6. It offers a unique, life-changing experience that helps you to realise your full potential

Last on the list, but probably most important, is how the university experience will shape you into who you will become and leads you to realising your ambitions. The experience at university is truly a unique one. For many students, going to university gives them new independence as they manage their finances and day-to-day life. They are given the opportunity to discover who they are by becoming part of a community of peers, taking part in new experiences and developing long-lasting friendships. It is probably one of the few times in life that you'll have time to really focus on your passions and interests, be inspired and encouraged by mentors, and reflect on the bigger picture. University offers you the chance to develop into a well-rounded individual with the confidence to meet the challenges of the next stages in life, whatever they may be.

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