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Mr Glynn Rankin


Glynn Rankin is a barrister and a former Chief Crown Prosecutor, in England and Wales and a founding member of the UK Human Trafficking Centre. He is an Independent Anti- Trafficking Specialist and has worked for the OSCE, UNODC and ICMPD. Glynn is a Practitioner Fellow in Policing at Liverpool John Moores University, Fellow of Liverpool University and a Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a Guest lecturer at Coventry University delivering and developing graduate and post-graduate modules on trafficking in human beings.


2002, University of Bradford School of Management, United Kingdom, MBA
1981, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, LL.B

Academic appointments

Fellow, University of Liverpool (CSIS), 2012 - present
Peer Reviewer, Economic and Social Research Council, 2011 - 2016
Senior Research Fellow, Sheffield Hallam University (CENTRIC), 2011 - present

Postgraduate training

Post Graduate Researcher (PhD), Merseyside, University of Liverpool, 2013 - present



Rankin G. 2017. What are the challenges prosecuting human trafficking offences? Aronowitz AA. Human Trafficking - A reference Handbook ABC-Clio

Rankin G, Balch A. 2013. Assessing the Impact of EU Strategies post-Stockholm on UK policing of human trafficking O'Neil M. New Challenges for EU Internal Security Strategy :160-187 978-1-4438-4477-2

Rankin G, Kinsella N. 2011. Human Trafficking - The Importance of Knowledge Information Exchange Akhgar B, Yates S. :159-180 Springer >DOI

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

Rankin G, Brewster B, Ingle T. 2014. "Crawling Open-Source Data for Indicators of Human Trafficking" 7th ieee/acm International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing

Rankin G, Polovina S, Andrews S, Brewster B. 2014. Knowledge Management and Human Trafficking: Using Conceptual Knowledge Representation, Text Analytics and Open-Source Data to Combat Organized Crime. In Graph-Based Representation and Reasoning Hernandez N, Jäschke R, Croitoru M. Graph-Based Representation and Reasoning. ICCS 2014. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8577 :104-117 >DOI >Link

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Title of presentation: What are the challenges in prosecuting human trafficking offences?, Conference title: 9th Annual Criminal Law Conference, Presentation type: Oral presentation


Fellowship title: Research Fellow, Organisation: CSIS, University of Liverpool

Fellowship title: Senior Research Fellow, Organisation: CENTRIC, Sheffield Hallam University