Anthony Killick

Humanities and Social Science

Dr Anthony Killick is a lecturer in Media, Culture and Communication at Liverpool John Moores University. He is leader on the MA Research Methods module, and currently supervises ten masters students.

His previous work at the University of Leeds and the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity focuses on the relation between arts and cultural practices and various forms of sustainability. In 2017 he completed a Ph.D. in film festivals, activism and urban development, and has worked as a creative practitioner and filmmaker on numerous community-led cultural projects.


2017, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom, PhD
2013, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Masters

Academic appointments

Lecturer, Humanities and Social Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, 2019 - present
Researcher, Media and Communication, University of Leeds, 2017 - 2019


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Journal article

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