Dr Graham Gladden

Humanities and Social Science

Graham is a Visiting Research Fellow.
During a career of over thirty years with Unilever he was involved with many aspects of consumer product innovation and design. Following this Graham studied at the Institute of Railway Studies, York University. His initial research was concerned with the relationships between mobility providers and their potential customers and especially how these are revealed through the companies’ advertising. The work has included both railway companies and motor manufacturers but his main interest is in shipping, especially Cunard.
His current research work concerns the impact of airlines on trans-Atlantic travel in the immediate post WWII period. Other interests include the application of the models of consumption and need to the understanding advertising and a wider, multi-modal consideration of the approaches taken by mobility providers (both manufacturers and transport companies) toward potential women customers during the interwar period.


University of Bristol, United Kingdom, B.Sc.
University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Ph.D.
University of York, United Kingdom, M.A.

Journal article

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