Dr Helen Rogers

Humanities and Social Science

I am a socio-cultural historian working in the English Department at Liverpool John Moores University. My main research interests are in nineteenth-century culture and society, crime and punishment, autobiography and working-class writing, the digital humanities and creative non-fiction. I am working on a book called ‘Conviction: stories from a nineteenth-century prison’ and blog about my research and creative approach to historical writing at www.convictionblog.com. From 2008-2015, I was an editor for the Journal of Victorian Culture. I am now leading a research project to set up an online archive of working-class autobiography.

In recent years I have developed three digital humanities modules which introduce students to online research skills, working with digital texts and archives, and using social media to create and disseminate their own research. You can read about this approach to student learning at www.bloggingbeyondtheclassroom.org.

In my third-year module, 'Writing Lives: A Collaborative Research Project on Working-Class Autobiography', students create an author blog and write ten research posts about their author's life and memoir. Their research is contributing to the development of an online archive on working-class autobiography. You can read their blogs at www.writinglives.org.

In my second-year module ‘Prison Voices: Crime, Conviction and Confession 1700-1900’, students set up their own blog and post weekly on narratives, representations and lived experience of crime and punishment. They also write a research post for the blog’s website www.prisonvoices.org. This innovative approach to student research is discussed by Zoe Alker in her article, ‘The Digital Classroom: New Social Media and Teaching Victorian Crime’, Law, Crime & History, 5.1 (2015): 77-92 http://www.pbs.plymouth.ac.uk/solon/hjournal2015Vo5p1.html.

Next year I will lead a new first-year module on ‘Digital Victorians: An Introduction to Digital Humanities’.

I am interested in supervising PhD students in any of the areas above. Current and past PhD students include:

Kate Taylor, ‘Angels of the Fallen Class’: Women, Inebriety and Domesticity 1890 – 1913
Philip Crown, The Poetry and Prose of the 'Conservative Bard', Robert Story (1795-1860)
Zoe Alker, Street Crime in Mid-Victorian Liverpool
Clare Horrocks, Proselytising Public Health Reform in Punch 1841-1858
Roy Vickers, The Gospel of Social Discontent: Religious Language and the Narrative of Christian Election in the Chartist Poetry of Thomas Cooper, Ernest Jones and William James Linton


1994, University of York, United Kingdom, DPhil

Academic appointments

Reader in Nineteenth Century Studies, English, Liverpool John Moores University, 1995 - present

Postgraduate training

PGCE, United Kingdom, University of Sussex, ? - present

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Conference presentation:

Success Through the Ages: Punch and the Modernist Challenge 1874 - 1906, BAVS Annual conference - Victorian Ages, Leeds Trinity, Oral presentation. 2015

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Journal of Victorian Culture, Editor.