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Dr Joanna Croft

Dr Joanna Croft

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Jo Croft is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature, specialising in psychoanalysis, spatial theory, and eco-criticism. She completed her Phd. on ‘Adolescence and Writing: Locating the Borderline’ at Sussex University. Since publishing Our House: The Representation of Domestic Space in Modern Culture in 2006 (edited, with Gerry Smyth) Croft’s research has centred on ‘material mobilities’ (especially ‘hoarding’, ‘beachcombing’, ‘gleaning’ and ‘swimming’). She is currently writing a monograph entitled Dreaming on Car Park Beach: The Eco-poetics of Matter and Movement. She is developing her research using ‘cabinet’ based installations, and audio-visual formats. Her short films about swimming have been screened at conferences, and as part of an exhibition about swimming (‘Nofio’) at Aberystwyth Art Centre.



2019. 'Ogden Strokes: Take a Deep Breath'

2017. Plastic waste flows between us

Journal article

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Conference publication

Croft JS. The Hoarder Next Door and The Hoarder in Me: Phobic Exchanges between People and Stuff Fear and Loathing: Phobia in Literature and Culture

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Croft J. NOFIO/SWIMMING - exhibition held at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Sat 17 March to Sat 26 May 2018. Author Url Public Url

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Plastic waste flows between us, The lives and afterlives of plastic, Massey university New Zealand, Co-produced with Dr Jo Croft video Online video presentation. 2017