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Dr Michael Morris

Dr Michael Morris

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My research revolves around the cultural history of the Atlantic world, particularly in the long eighteenth century. Firstly, I'm interested in recovering the memory of Caribbean slavery in a Scottish context, and I consider the implications of this recovery for contemporary debates on Scottish and British identity. Secondly, I engage with theories around archipelagos. Inspired by theories around Caribbean creolization, I consider the implications of re-considering ‘the British Isles’ as an ‘Atlantic Archipelago’. This looks to move beyond current paradigms of Scottish/ Welsh/Irish/ English/ British nationalism to consider the ways that the nations and peoples who inhabit these islands have always been both independent and interdependent.




2012, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, PhD


Book Reviews

Morris MJ. 2017. New World Drama: The Performative Commons in the Atlantic World, 1649–1849 by Elizabeth Maddock Dillon Contemporary Theatre Review, 27 :286-287 >DOI

Morris M. 2012. Zachary Macaulay, 1768-1838: The Steadfast Scot in the British Anti-Slavery Movement SCOTTISH HISTORICAL REVIEW, 91 :371-373 >DOI >Link


Morris MJ. 2017. Don Roberto on Doughty Deeds; or, Slavery and Family History in the Scottish Renaissance Empires and Revolutions: Cunninghame Graham and his contemporaries 22 :47-63 Association for Scottish Literary Studies. Glasgow

Morris MJ. 2016. Multidirectional Memory, Many-Headed Hydras and Glasgow donington K, Hanley R, Moody J. Britain's History and Memory of Transatlantic Slavery: Local Nuances of a National Sin :195-215 Liverpool University Press. Liverpool 9781781383551

Morris MJ. 2015. Yonder Awa: Slavery and Distancing Strategies in Scottish Literature Devine TM. Recovering Scotland's Slavery Past: the Caribbean Connection :41-61 Edinburgh University Press. Edinburgh


Morris M. 2015. Scotland and the Caribbean, C.1740-1833 Atlantic Archipelagos Routledge. New York and Abingdon 9781138778986

Journal Articles

Morris MJ. 2014. Robert Burns: Recovering Scotland's Memory of the Black Atlantic Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies, 37 :343-359 >DOI >Link

Morris MJ. 2008. Joseph Knight: Scotland and the Black Atlantic International Journal of Scottish Literature,

Engagement & Impact


Award title: The G. Ross Roy Medal for Best Thesis in Scottish Literature 2013, Awarding body: Universities Committee for Scottish Literature at the Saltire Awards., URL:

Conference presentation:

Title of presentation: Scottish-Caribbean pastoral and georgic, Conference title: World Congress of Scottish Literature, Place/location of conference: University of Glasgow, Presentation type: Oral presentation

Title of presentation: Devolving the Black Atlantic, Conference title: The Lost Child: The Black Atlantic and Northern Britain, Place/location of conference: Institute for Black Atlantic Research, University of Central Lancaster, Preston, Presentation type: Oral presentation

Title of presentation: The Scottish Renaissance and the Caribbean Connection, Conference title: Empires and Revolutions: Writers on Globalisation and Democracy, Place/location of conference: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, Stirling, Presentation type: Oral presentation

Title of presentation: Slave Cotton in the Age of Improvement, Conference title: Cultures of Improvement, Place/location of conference: University of Glasgow, Presentation type: Oral presentation


Fellowship title: Honorary Research Fellow, Organisation: Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies, University of Edinburgh

Media Coverage:

Links #1:, Media coverage: Recorded public talk available as free audio podcast on iTunes. Talk titled: 'Robert Burns and the Caribbean' given as part of the Centre for Robert Burns Studies conference 'Robert Burns at Home and Abroad', University of Glasgow, 12 Jan 2013.

Links #2:, Links #1:, Media coverage: Articles in The Herald newspaper in relation to the Empire Café and memorials of slavery in Glasgow. 6 July and 3 August 2014.

Other invited event:

Title of event: Scotland and the Caribbean, Location: Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies, University of Edinburgh, Description: Research Seminar Series

Title of event: Launch of Black History Month, Location: Kelingrove Museum Glasgow, Description: Speaker at the launch of Glasgow's Black History Month 2015