Ross Dawson

Humanities and Social Science


Dawson R. 2020. The Uncollegial Precariat: Millennial Academic Fiction and the Problem of Flexible Labour Hauthal J, Arteel I, Aerts J. Campus Fictions: Literary and Intermedial Constructions of the University World Academia Press. Ampla House Coupure Rechts 88 (3e verd.) B-9000 Gent BE 0446.201.582 Publisher Url

Other Professional Activity:

Interviewing acclaimed American novelist, Percival Everett in public event at Bluecoat Gallery at the launch of the British publication of his novel, I Am Not Sidney Poitier. One of only two launch events in UK.. 2020

Conference presentation:

Uncollegial Precariat: Academic Fiction and the Labour of Teaching English, English Shared Futures 2020, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, Oral presentation. 2020

Other invited event:

Staff Development Day on Equality and Diversity in Higher Education, York St John University, York, Head of Equality and Diversity invited Danielle Chavrimootoo and me to present and disseminate strategies for addressing equality and diversity in a predominantly white Higher Education institution. The 2 hour workshop was interactive and included 30 academic staff from across the university. York St John have embedded some of these strategies in a whole university project.. 2018

University of Manchester English Department Away Day, University of Manchester, Manchester, Dr. Noelle Dückmann Gallagher, Division of English, American Studies, and Creative Writing invited me to offer tailored workshop for English, American Studies and Creative Writing Academic staff on "Learning and Unlearning Whiteness in the English Department" as part of their annual "Away Day". 35 staff attended.. 2018

University of Manchester History Away Day: Inclusive Curriculum, Chethams Library, Manchester, Prof. Julie-Marie Strange, Head of History at University of Manchester invited me to deliver curriculum focussed "Learning and Unlearning Whiteness" workshop to whole University of Manchester History department (40 academics) as part of their "Away day” and Danielle Chavrimootoo's project "Embedding Equality and Diversity and Decolonising History".. 2018

"Learning and Unlearning Whiteness" Workshop, York St John University, York, Head of Equality and Diversity at York St John University invited us to give "Learning and Unlearning Whiteness" 2 hour workshop to academic and administrative staff. This workshop was covered by the local and national press, including The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Times.. 2017

National BME Leadership in Higher Education Summit, Tavistock Square, London, David Malcolm, Deputy Chief Executive of the Equality Challenge Unit invited me to deliver 75 minute workshop on "Unlearning Whiteness" at the one day National BME HE Leadership conference in London: 30 BME leaders attended.. 2017

De Montfort University Equality and Diversity Day, De Montfort University, Leicester, Chris Hall, Head of Equality and Diversity invited us to give a workshop on "Challenging Whiteness in Higher Education" to academic staff and senior management at De Montfort University, Leicester as part of their “Parliament”. 2017

Equality Challenge Unit Webinar on "Learning and Unlearning Whiteness", Liverpool John Moores University, This webinar was solicited by ECU as one of a series offering academic knowledge and strategies for addressing institutionalised racism within HE. Over 200 academic, administrative and HR staff registered for the live webinar and we responded to many live questions and interventions. We received a range of further invitations to speak from institutions across the sector. It was the first ECU webinar offered from a location outside London.. 2017

BAME Inclusive Practice Day, Birmingham City University, Prof. Mark O'Hara, Associate Dean of Student Learning at Birmingham City University invited Danielle Chavrimootoo and me to deliver a bespoke workshop on Unlearning Whiteness focussing on strategies for raising self-awareness of white staff and empowering BAME staff and students in HE spaces.. 2017

Equality Challenge Unity National Equality Conference, Nottingham, "Learning and Unlearning Whiteness": 90 minute interactive workshop delivered with Danielle Chavrimootoo to academics, administrators, equality professionals and senior management in HE sector. Workshop addressed institutionalised racism in HE and strategies for identifying and challenging the ideologies of whiteness structurally and pedagogically.. 2016

Media Coverage:,,, Mainstream media reported my workshop delivered at several universities to HE staff, "Learning and Unlearning Whiteness" examining the way in which white priviilege, operates in UK Higher Education and strategies to challenge it institutionally and pedagogically.. 2018