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Peter Woodbridge

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Peter Woodbridge is Programme Leader for the MA Immersive Arts and the Co-Director of the Experimental Technologies Lab in the Institute of Art and Technology.

His areas of research and teaching include immersive experiences, location based entertainment, digital design, interactive media, projection mapping, sensor based media and mixed reality.

He is a co-investigator on several funded research projects with companies and organisations developing projects in entertainment technologies, cultural heritage, museums and the wider creative industries.

He is a co-founder of the Immersive Liverpool Network, which runs events and activities on the future of immersive technology across a range of business sectors. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce (RSA) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).



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Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Immersive Storytelling, ARVR Innovate, Dublin, Oral presentation. 2019

Augmented Reality Storytelling, Northern Media Summit, The Landing, Manchester, Oral presentation. 2018

Augmented Reality Storytelling, Laval Virtual, Laval, France, Oral presentation. 2018

Secret Coast, CreativeXR Marketplace Pitch, Digital Catapult, London, Oral presentation. 2018

On The Mediality of Place: Digital Placemaking and the future of Mixed Urban Reality, ESRC Ways of Being in a Digital Age Conference, University of Liverpool, Oral presentation. 2017

Imagining Future Cities: Mixed Reality and the Transformation of Urban Experiential Space, International AR VR Conference, Manchester, Oral presentation. 2017

Pokemon Go Away: Digital Urbanism and Mediated Architectures, Coventry University Media Research Series, Coventry University, Oral presentation. 2016

‘The Immersive Storylab. Speculative Mediations on the Future of Media Practice, MeCCSA Practice Network / Journal of Media Practice symposium, Post-Screen Cultures/Practices, London South Bank University, Oral presentation. 2016

‘Performing the Secret’ Experimental Publishing, Politics and Practices of Secrecy, King's College London, Oral presentation. 2015

Art, Technology and Activism: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Crime in Sicily and Irregular Migration in sub-Saharan Africa, Enhancing Interdisciplinarity, University of Liverpool, Oral presentation. 2015

Conference organisation:

Storyhack Liverpool, Organiser/Facilitator, 2019

Immersive Storytelling Experiences, Academic Lead, 2018

Immersive Health and Wellbeing at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, Co-organiser, 2018

Immersive Liverpool in Dublin, Organiser of a collaborative research trip with 10 companies, galleries, local authority and researchers from Liverpool to visit with the DIT and City Council in Dublin.,,162467,en.html. 2018

Collaborating in Immersive Spaces, Co-Organiser, 2018

Immersive Liverpool: Mixed Reality, Co-organiser, 2018

Research Grants Awarded:

Heritage Lottery Fund, The Littlewoods Heritage Project: Inside the Dream Factory, Ruth Doughty, Grant value (£): 52000, Duration of research project: 1 year 6 months. 2019

AHRC, Shaun the Sheep in Shanghai: A Location-based, Mixed Reality Cinema Experience, Richard Koeck, Grant value (£): 15000, Duration of research project: 6 months. 2019

Innovate UK, Maritime AR: Augmented Reality Storytelling on Cruises and Ferries, Immersive Storylab, Grant value (£): 40000, Duration of research project: 3 months. 2019

SBRI / Innovate UK, Fantasia Express AR Trainkit, Me, You and Us LTD; Corporation Pop LTD, Grant value (£): 348000, Duration of research project: 12 Months. 2018

Arts Council/Digital Catapult, Secret Coast, Grant value (£): 20000, Duration of research project: 3 months. 2017

Culture Liverpool, If these walls could talk, Richard Koeck, Grant value (£): 20000, Duration of research project: 5 months. 2017

Design Foundations, Innovate UK, Real Time, Hyper Local Contextual Out of Home Advertising, CAVA University of Liverpool, Grant value (£): 4800, Duration of research project: 6 months. 2017

Other invited event:

The essence of VR and AR: Knowledge Quarter Breakfast Briefing, Liverpool Science Part, Gave a talk at The essence of VR and AR: Knowledge Quarter Breakfast Briefing to local businesses. 2018

Secret Coast, ARVR Marketplace Pitch, Digital Catapult Centre, Digital Catapult, Invited to pitch a project and share the prototype we developed as part of the CreativeXR Arts Council programme.. 2018

How can business harness the power of VR and AR, BusinessCloud Manchester, Invited to speak at a panel with researchers and innovators working in the AR and VR development space. 2017

External collaboration:, Abandon Normal Devices / Barbican, Invited to take part in the Fieldwork New Media Artists group by the Barbican/Abandon Normal Devices Festival. 2017


Fellow, RSA - Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, 2015

Fellow, HEA - Higher Education Acadademy, 2012

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, MeCCSA Practice Network, 2015

Editorial boards:

Culture Machine Live, Co-Editor, 2014

Media Coverage:,162467,en.html, A press release about the Immersive Liverpool delegation’s work in Dublin.,, Coverage of my Future Screens/Post-Screen Culture Talk at the Journal of Media Practice Symposium.,,, Future Train Experiences Fantasia Express Department of Transport Project Press Coverage.,,, Secret Coast CreativeXR Project Press., Immersive StoryLab Press Mentions., Secret Coast Augmented Reality Storytelling App Coverage., A press release about the Immersive Liverpool Augmented Reality Storytelling event at Laval Virtual in France., Digital Placemaking - 2019 at a glance.,,, Beacons for Science AR Project Coverage., Journal Article that uses my project to test User Experiences and Expectations in Augmented Reality., Liverpool’s John Moores University Launches Immersive Arts Degree Looking At VR & AR., BusinessCloud Event Video from a panel I was on.,, A press release and video mentioning the talk I gave at the Northern Media Summit in Manchester and Leeds.