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Richard Rudin

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Richard initially trained and qualified as a newspaper journalist and, after his passing his National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) Proficiency Test (later NCE), became a senior reporter on the 'Shropshire Star' evening 'paper. Aged just 16 he did his first radio work, as a volunteer presenter at the Birmingham Hospital Broadcasting Network - one of the largest of such services in the UK - and then with Portsmouth Hospital Broadcasting. At 21 he gained a job as newscaster/reporter in the then large newsroom of Beacon Radio in the west midlands, presenting major news programmes and covering stories for the networked Independent Radio News (IRN).

He then joined British Forces Broadcasting (BFBS) in Germany, working in both the TV and radio sectors. As well as numerous documentaries, outside broadcasts and hundreds of interviews, he initiated and was the first host for the 'Berlin Breakfast Show', which continued under his successors until British troops left the city in the mid-1990s. Back in the UK he held senior editorial, management and presentation posts in both BBC and commercial stations. He was nominated for a Sony Award.

He took a BA degree through the Open University and then an MA in Mass Communications by distance learning, receiving a Distinction for his dissertation. He later contributed a unit to this course. His first book (with Trevor Ibbotson) 'An Introduction to Journalism' (Focal Press), was well received and used as a set text on numerous courses and training bodies in the UK and elsewhere. His latest book, 'Broadcasting in the 21st Century', was published by Palgrave Macmillan in September 2011. Richard has had numerous scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as several chapters in edited collections and was one of the main UK contributors to the three-volume Encyclopedia of Radio. He has won awards both for his training and his academic work. He has presented papers at major conferences in the UK and internationally, including the USA and New Zealand. One of his papers, at a Media History conference in Aberystwyth in 2009, was rated as "outstanding" in the official review of the conference in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. He is a past Chair of the International Division of the US-based Broadcast Education Association (BEA). He has been an external examiner for three undergraduate and two Master's course, an external verifier and has viva'd a PhD.

Richard has continued to make broadcasting appearances, including as a media commentator on numerous BBC Radio 4 programmes, as well as City Talk in Liverpool and on local TV service 'That's Manchester'. He worked alongside some of his then journalism students as the breakfast presenter for a Restricted Service Licence station, Liver FM, which was bidding for a full-time licence in Merseyside. In April 2014 he was one of the on-air team on a high-profile 'tribute' radio service, Radio Caroline North, broadcasting from the Planet Lightship, moored on Liverpool's waterfront, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of UK-targeted offshore ('pirate') radio. He has also headed a university-based Internet radio service

He has developed a number of multimedia learning materials to support his lecturing work, including podcasts, YouTube demonstration videos and has a personal blog and podcast sites, which have received well over 15,000 'hits', including a substantial number from outside the UK.

Richard is married, with a son and lives in West Lancashire.


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Conference publication

Rudin R. 2009. Revisiting the Pirates Nicholas S, O'Malley K, Williams K. Reconstructing the Past: History in the Mass Media 1890-2005, Media History and History in the Media :114-129

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Memory, Nostalgia and a 'Call to Arms', IAMCR conference, Leicester, England, Oral presentation 27/07/2017

Why the British elites were determined to suppress 'pirate' radio, IAMHIST 2017, Paris, France, Oral presentation 10/07/2017

Radio 'In Translation', 66th International Communications Association convention, Fukuoka, Japan, Oral presentation 08/06/2016


Open Paper Competition, Broadcast Education Association,

History Division Open Paper Competition, Broadcast Education Association,

'Radio Re-Remembered and Re-Contested'. Open paper competition, History Division, Broadcast Education Association., Broadcast Education Association,

Editorial boards:

Essential Public Affairs for Journalists, Reviewed draft manuscript,

External collaboration:, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Anthony Moretti

External committees:

International Division, Broadcast Education Association (based Washington DC, USA)., Vice-Chair and Chair,

Media Coverage:, Publication of Blog, based on a conference paper, by the International Association For Media and History (IAMHIST): 'Why the British Elites Were Determined To Suppress 'Pirate' Radio. Published 15 November, 2018., The Conversation - DAB radio was the future - until live streaming and podcasts arrived. (Published, April 26, 2018).

Appearance on BBC Radio Merseyside breakfast show, September 2011, in connection with publication of 'Broadcasting in the 21st Century'.

Various appearances on BBC Radio 4's 'The Message' discussing media/journalism issues, 2001-2008, Interview on Lincoln community station Siren FM about developments in the media and journalism, October 2014, Reporter for community radio station Siren FM at the BEA/NAB Conventions, April 2013., Presenter on 'tribute' radio station Radio Caroline North, Liverpool, which was used for participant observation in prize-winning paper, One of two guests on hour-long programme 'The Big Debate' about future of BBC and funding the arts on 'That's Manchester' (local TV service on Freeview Channel 8 in Greater Manchester), 17 July 2015., Contributor to BBC Radio 4's 'Feedback' 3 and 5 July 2015, on item about use of language in describing asylum seekers/refugees/migrants.

Membership of professional bodies:

Individual member, Political Studies Association,

Individual member, International Association for Media and Communication Research,

Indiviiual member, Radio Academy,

Member, Radio and Television Digital News Association,

Member, Broadcast Education Association,

Teaching qualification:

City and Guilds Teacher of Further and Adult Education