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Dr Alice Diver

Dr Alice Diver

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Dr Alice Diver is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Liverpool John Moores University, who publishes in the areas of adoption, human rights, property law, and law in literature. She joined LJMU in September 2018, having worked as a Senior Law Lecturer and Programme Leader for the LLB (Law and Criminology) and as a Senior (Faculty) Fellow for L& T at Edge Hill University (2015-2018). Prior to that she was employed as a Lecturer in Law/TJI Associate Researcher, and Course Director for the LLB programmes (Magee campus) at Ulster University, N Ireland (2000-2015), having previously worked as a Solicitor in N Ireland in private practice (1989-1995) and as an Associate Lecturer in Law at NWRC from 1993-2004. She is an alumnus of Queen's University Belfast (LLB, 1984; LLM (Dist.), 2004) and gained a First class BA Hons in English Literature from Ulster University in 2017.

She is the author of a 2013 monograph on origin deprivation, closed records and familial contact in adoption and surrogacy entitled 'A Law of Blood-ties: The 'Right' to Access Genetic Ancestry' (Springer) which is based upon her PhD (Ulster, 2012). She was co-editor of an international collection of essays on socio-economic rights: 'Justiciability of Human Rights Law in Domestic Jurisdictions'' (Springer, 2015). She has served as an EU-funded country reporter (UK, NI) for the Asser Inst./Utrecht University on matters of cross-border family law, in 2008 and 2017, contributing to an EU-wide guide for family law practitioners (2018). She was a co-convenor of the International Society of Family Law's Regional Conference in Derry, N Ireland (2010).

She was a trustee of Londonderry Inner City Trust from 2012 -2015, and has been a trustee for Kinship Care NI since 2014, and a board member for Apex Housing NI since 2013. She has served as an external examiner for a number of LLB and LLM programmes throughout the UK and Ireland, since 1999.


2017, University of Ulster, United Kingdom, BA Hons English Literature
2011, Ulster University, United Kingdom, PhD
2007, University of Ulster, United Kingdom, PGCHEP
2004, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom, LLM Human Rights & Criminal Justice
1991, IPLS -QUB, United Kingdom, CPLS [Solicitor]
1988, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom, LLB

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer in Law, Law, LJMU, 2018 - present
Senior Lecturer in Law, Law & Criminology, Edge Hill University, 2015 - 2018
Lecturer in Law/LLB Course Director, Law, Ulster University, 2000 - 2015
Associate Lecturer in Law, Business, NWRC, 1993 - 2004


Journal article

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Miller J, Diver A. 2015. Can rights be ring-fenced in times of austerity? Equality, equity and judicial ‘trusteeship’ over the UK’s fairness Agenda Justiciability of Human Rights Law in Domestic Jurisdictions :25-44 9783319240145 >DOI

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Diver AR. UK Country Report: Cross-Border Proceedings in Family Law Matters before National Courts and CJEU [Brussels IIB] Asser Inst

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Monstrous Others - The 'Gothic' nature of origin-tracing in Law & Literature, Association for the Study of Law, Culture and Humanities - Annual Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, Oral presentation 21/03/2019

The ‘monstrous’ prisoner: treatment, ‘rights’ and timely reminders on social control?, Frankenstein: A Multidisciplinary Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, Oral presentation 14/06/2018

‘Inverting the sacred: Beckettian display as ‘dream-catcher?’, Beckett and the Biographical [University of Birmingham/Ulster University], The MAC, Belfast, N Ireland, Oral presentation 16/11/2017

‘The Right of the Child to Express Her Views’, Enhancing the efficiency of the Brussels IIbis Regulation [Asser Inst.], UCERF and Asser Inst, Utrecht University, Oral presentation 09/11/2017

‘From Freshers to Scire Feci: LLB Portfolios and Pathways To Legal Practice’ h, Annual CLT and Solstice Conference, Edge Hill University, Oral presentation 06/06/2017

‘The “Catch-22” of non-accessible treatments: risk-reduction, irrational decisions and human rights in Northern Ireland’, European Forum for Restorative Justice (‘Beyond Crime: Pathways to desistance, social justice and peacebuilding’), Belfast, QUB, (June 2014), Oral presentation 14/06/2014

Contentious Symbols or ‘Cultural Easements’? Preserving Identity Heritage Rights in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland’, GLSA (‘Law, Culture Critique’), Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, Canada, Oral presentation 09/05/2013

‘Best Interests of the Child: Decision-making and Lessons from Strasbourg’, BASPCAN Congress, Queen's University, Belfast, Symposium and paper 05/04/2012

‘Blood-ties and Best Interests in Social Kinship: Origin Deprivation via International Law’, Adoption in Society and Culture (ASAC), MIT, Cambridge, Boston, Oral presentation 10/05/2010

‘Better Contract Than Trust? ‘Pre-habitation’ Agreements in Law and Equity, ’ International Society of Family Law Regional Conference,, Porto, Portugal, Oral presentation 03/09/2009

‘Collaborative Practice and the Best Interests of The Child Principle: Comparative, Cross-Border Perspectives’, The Irish Society of Comparative Law, Inaugural Conference, LIT, Limerick, Rep. of Ireland, Oral presentation 26/02/2009

‘Contact During Incarceration: The right to family life during imprisonment’(July 2007), Regional Conference of the International Society of Family Law, Chester University, UK, Oral presentation 19/07/2007

‘The Witch-trials- A Timeless Template For Modern Criminal Justice Systems’ (March 2007), Association for the Study of Law, Culture and Humanities, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, US, Oral presentation 10/03/2007

‘A Hobbesian Covenant-The Right to Development v. The Right to Cultural Identity’, International Conference on New Perspectives and Values in World Tourism, Alanya, Turkey, Oral presentation 16/11/2006

‘Protecting Minority Rights to Worship: Places of Worship’ ‘, Asylum and Immigration ‘Protection of The Right to Worship Publicly within Western Legal Frameworks’ Electronic Immigration Network (EIN), Durham-Newcastle Universities, Newcastle, Oral presentation 08/09/2006

‘Child Welfare Paramountcy v Parental Autonomy in Adoption Law’, International Society of Family Law (ISFL) Conference, Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, Utah, US, Oral presentation 01/07/2005

Conference organisation:

International Society of Family Law Regional Conference (N Ireland), Convenor,

External collaboration:, Asser Inst. [UK Country Reporter], Utrecht University

Industrial connections:

Kinship Care NI, Trustee,

Apex Housing NI, Member of Board of Directors,

Other invited event:

Beckett, Ireland and the Biographical, Belfast,

Enhancing the efficiency of the Brussels IIbis Regulation November 10th 2017 (EC funded conference), Utrecht University,

NI Assembly Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series, Stormont, Belfast, Putting dignity to bed? The taxing question of the UK’s housing rights relapse [analysis of recent case law] - Public seminar/presentation to NI Assembly Ministers file:///C:/Users/lawadive/Desktop/alice-diver-briefing-paper%20housing.pdf

N I Assembly Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series, Stormont, Belfast, Public seminar/presentation to NI Assembly Ministers on Adoption Law reforms/human rights