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Dr Amanda Clough

Dr Amanda Clough

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I am senior lecturer in law at John Moores University. I currently teach Criminal Law at level 4, and Sex Crime and Society at level 6. I am also module leader for two level 6 modules, Gender, Sexuality and the Law and Family Law at level 6. I teach crime on the LLM QL. I particularly enjoy the topics of domestic homicide, hate crime, and consent.

I completed my PhD in August 2015 at Northumbria University, receiving the highest award (outcome a). My interests are based mostly around defences to murder, in particular loss on control and provocation both in domestic law and other jurisdictions. My thesis was titled "The place of loss of self control in modern homicide law: a comparative study of avenues, reasons and rationales for change".

My current research is focusing on perverse uses of the loss of control and provocation defences both in domestic law and other jurisdictions. The piece I am working on at the moment for conference presentation and publication is based upon Homosexual Panic and Transpanic defence to murder.
I recently extended my area of research to compliment my teaching profile, and wrote two pieces about consent, deception and rape, accepted for publication in the journal of criminal law. I am currently writing a third piece discussing consent and intoxication, which I hope to have published in January 2019, followed by another on consent and reasonable belief.

I wrote a piece for the charity Justice for Women, now published on their website, and hope to speak at one of their engagements in the next year or so. I attended a Criminal Law Review conference at Rutgers University in Newark in April 2017. I am hoping to present a paper at an international criminal law conference soon.


2015, Northumbria University, England, PhD
2004, University of Sunderland, England, LLB

Academic appointments

lecturer, law, liverpool john moores university, 2016 - present

Postgraduate training

PGCert LTHE, United Kingdom, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, 2016 - 2017


Journal article

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Engagement & Impact

External collaboration:

Northumbria University, Transform Justice

Justice for Women, Justice for Women

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