Dr Beverly Metcalfe

Liverpool Business School


I am available for PhD/DBA Supervision October 22 in the following areas:
Women's Empowerment, HRD/HRM, Leadership in developing economies, mainly MENA, Asia, Africa
Women, SDG Planning and Sustainability, Women's Educational Leadership
Islamic Feminisms/Global Feminisms and Social and Economic Change.

Please do email metcalfebd@yahoo.co.uk and b.d.metcalfe@ljmu.ac.uk to discuss potential proposals

My work has advanced understandings of organization management and diversity in the global political economy, especially the MENA and African regions. I have developed understandings of the Islamic Gender Regime and how social, cultural and structural constraints and opportunities shape women's work identities. Islamic Gender Regimes are socially and historically constituted. I have also devised the name 'Feminizing Fiqh', which is a legal and policy process women and men engage participate in. The process of 'feminzing fiqh' represents a literary tool and tactic to help re-evaluate and unravel the interpretations of the Quran and Hadith in the contemporary context of 2022. As part of my interest in these themes my work is exploring broader issues of human rights, decent work, and work and welfare which aligns with sustainable development. Explanations of economic and social change in the Global South thus also include assessments of SDG attainment over time. Ultimately this ties to global governance and the inclusion of business partners over multi-levels, which intertwine the lenses of transnationalism and transnational feminist networking (TFW).

The interdisciplinary nature of my work linking with management, sociology, politics and development writings, captures the complex nuances of the political economy as we make an attempt to reset towards governance systems that reflect nuanced understandings of place and space, and enable relevant public policy development. In line with this I am advocating decolonial horizons that disconnect from orientalism and the coloniality of power.

World leading scholar in Women, Leadership and Sustainable Development

1. Women's empowerment in developing economies
2. HRD, and SDGs in developing economies especially in Middle East, Africa and Asia.
3. Women, Work, and Welfare in the Global Political Economy
4. Leadership and Development
5. Public Policy and Development

I have worked in Australia, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, KSA, Korea, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Thailand, Russia

I have held Visiting Professors at Monash, Griffith, Australia, Helwan University, Cairo in Egypt, and St Petersburg State University in Russia.

I am currently Visiting Scholar ESA, Grand Ecole Business School, Hamra, Beirut, metcalfe.b@esa.edu.lb, and undertaking collaborative work on female migrant domestic workers in MENA region, with Sally Shamieh at ESA.

I am also advising a women's organization AIMERS in India on research development incorporating woman's empowerment, and human wellbeing, http://aimers.co.in

I have written 3 books
Leadership Development in the Middle East,(ed with F. Mnoumi) 2011, Edward Elgar, 2012 Paperback
Women, Entrepreneurship and Development in the Middle East, January 2022, Routledge, New York.
Feminism Diversity and HRD, Out March 2023, Routledge

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Academic appointments

Research Director, Advising, Education, Women Empowerment and Health for minorities, Research, aimers.co.in/about/-us/, AIMERS Education and Research Society, 2022 - present
Visiting Professor Women and Development, Business, ESA Lebanon, 2020 - present

Postgraduate training

PGCE, UK, Greenwhich University, 1993 - 1995


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Other invited event:

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