Dr Giuseppe Scotto

Liverpool Business School

Giuseppe Scotto was born in Foggia, in Italy, where he grew up. He holds a BSc + MSc in Economics and Social Sciences (2004) from Bocconi University in Milan, an MSc in Asian Studies (2006) from the University of Amsterdam and a PhD in Migration Studies (2012) from the University of Sussex. He also worked as a Junior Analyst at IGPartners S.r.l., a small Italian consulting and investing company focused on renewable energy (2006-2007). His main areas of interests are: professional mobility, transnational organisations, social and economic engagement of migrants, intra-EU migration.




2012, University of Sussex, United Kingdom, PhD

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Business School, John Moores University, 2014 - present


Scotto G. 2018. Il comportamento di voto degli italiani nel Regno Unito al tempo della Brexit Battiston S, Luconi S. Autopsia di un diritto politico. Il voto degli italiani all'estero nelle elezioni del 2018 Accademia University Press. Torino, Italy Public Url

Scotto G. 2012. From Bedford to London: old and new Italian immigration Ledgeway A, Lepschy A-L. Le Comunità Immigranti nel Regno Unito: il Caso di Bedford Edizioni Guerra. Perugia

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Scotto G, King R, Lulle A, Conti F, Mueller D. 2014. The Lure of London: A Comparative Study of Recent Graduate Migration from Germany, Italy and Latvia Publisher Url

Conference presentation:

Diaspora voting at the time of Brexit: the case of Italians in the UK, A citizenship lens on the links between migrant transnationalism and integration - Research Symposium, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Oral presentation. 2018

A Community in-between: Competing Discourses on Italians in the UK at the Time of Brexit, Intra-EU Migration in the Shadow of Brexit, Kingston University, Oral presentation. 2017

The Political Participation of Italians in London: A Stakeholder Approach’, International IMISCOE Conference, Geneva, Oral presentation. 2015

Other invited event:

International Teaching Week, University College Ghent (Belgium), I have been selected to participate in the faculty's international teaching staff week, held in Ghent from 24th until 28nd April.. 2017

EU Migrants in the UK networking workshop, Kingston University, This workship was an introductory meeting, with the aim to outline the project and plans, discuss current research and interests, and identify possible areas for collaboration (network website, conference panels, joint publications, grant applications, organising a conference, etc.) A second workshop will take place on the 15th February 2017.. 2016

Teaching qualification:

Fellow, HEA. 2015

Other Professional Activity:

December 2016: Started a small research project entitled: Italians in the UK between Brexit and the Constitutional Referendum: what is at stake? The aim of this project is to understand more about the political participation of Italians in the UK in both British and Italian politics. The focus is on the participants’ interest and involvement in the British and the Italian Constitutional Referendums, and on how these two political events have impacted on their life choices. The project received ethical approval from the LBS REC on the 20th December 2016. We are currently completing the data collection by means of online questionnaires..