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Miss Analie-Jayne Grimshaw

Miss Analie-Jayne Grimshaw

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My clinical experience stems from managing Coronary and Intensive Care Units in Wellington NZ and London, UK. I further advanced my technical skills in Cardiac Invasive Technology and Transplantation (Harefield Hospital, UK) before being seconded to the role of Risk Factor Practitioner, paying specific attention to Cholesterol Management I returned to education in New Zealand (University of Victoria) leading online and residential programmes specific to high acuity areas. I have worked with, and developed a diverse range of Cardiology Modules within Nursing Degree programmes over the last 6 years internationally (UK, Malaysia, NZ) alongside Cohort Leader responsibilities for large groups of Pre Registration and International Nursing Students.




Liverpool University, United Kingdom, MSc

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Title of presentation: Blended Learning Approaches in Cardiac Nursing, Conference title: Malaysias 1st Cardiac Nursing Conference, Place/location of conference: Kuala Lumpar, Presentation type: Oral presentation