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Dr Robyn Lotto

Dr Robyn Lotto

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Robyn has worked in healthcare for over twenty years; in a clinical capacity, as a nurse, specialising in cardiothoracic nursing, and subsequently in the research setting. She has a Masters in Health Sciences from Newcastle University, where she undertook a quantitative study examining variations in clinical practice within the Primary Care setting. Following a period working at the University of Leicester’s Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit, she was awarded a joint grant by SAPPHIRE (Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research) and TIMMS (The Infant Mortality and Morbidity Studies) research groups to undertake a PhD exploring reasons for the observed variations in neonatal and infant mortality between socioeconomic groups. She was awarded a Florence Nightingale Fellowship in 2016/2017 to support her work into risk perception in congenital cardiac surgery. She is currently a Senior Lecturer and Inspire Researcher at Liverpool's John Moores University.

Her broad research interests include:
Cardiovascular care
Health inequalities
Variations in clinical practice
Patient and Public Involvement


2017, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, PGCert in Cochrane Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis
2015, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, PhD
1994, City University London, United Kingdom, Registered Nurse - Adult
Newcastle University, United Kingdom, MSc, Health Sciences
University of Southampton, United Kingdom, BA hons, Nursing

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University, 2016 - present


Editorial/letter to the editor

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Journal article

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Conference publication

Morrell-Scott NE, Jones I, Lotto R, Kinsey L, Grant M, Papworth A, Muir A. Developing a sternal wound support device for those at risk of wound breakdown following cardiac surgery Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Education, Health and Community Research Conference