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Jane Oyston

Jane Oyston

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Jane Oyston works as a research assistant within the public health and wellbeing team at the Public Health Institute. She is currently working on a number of service evaluations, involving drug and alcohol services and also services for young people. Prior to joining LJMU, Jane completed a BSc Psychology and an MSc Investigative and Forensic Psychology at the University of Liverpool. She completed her Masters dissertation on child protection in collaboration with Kent police.


2013, Forensic and Investigative Psychology, England, MSc Psychology
2012, University of Liverpool, England, BSc Psychology

Academic appointments

Research assistant, Public Health Institute, Liverpool John Moores University, 2014 - present



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Hay G, Oyston JE, Porcellato L, Madden H, Ross-Houle K, Timpson H. 2015. Evaluation of Rapid Access to Alcohol Detoxification Acute Referral (RADAR) Evaluation of Rapid Access to Alcohol Detoxification Acute Referral (RADAR)

McCoy EJ, Ross-Houle K, Eckley L, Oyston J, Cochrane M, Harrison R, Timpson H. 2015. Evaluation of Shelter's Knowsley Family Support Service