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Dr Lorna Porcellato

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Lorna Porcellato is a Reader in Public Health and Health Promotion in the Public Health Institute (PHI). Prior to coming to the UK in 1993, Lorna completed an honours degree in Sociology, a BA in Education (primary school) and an MA in Physical Education and Health (Sociology of Sport) in Canada. Her PhD on children's perspectives on smoking led to the development of the Liverpool Longitudinal Study on Smoking (LLSS) and a post doctoral position as the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Research Fellow. Lorna moved to the University of Salford in 2002 where she held a joint position as Programme Lead for the newly developed MSc in Public Health and Society and Qualitative Lead for Health R&D North West. In 2007, Lorna returned to LJMU and joined the Public Health Education Team. Her specialist teaching areas include: qualitative research methods, health promotion and community engagement at both undergraduate and post graduate level. A major theme running through Lorna's research portfolio is the use of qualitative research methods. She has been involved in a range of health related research studies over the years, bringing qualitative expertise to projects around tobacco control, alcohol, physical activity and discrimination and older workers. Latterly she has been involved in health services research in collaboration with Staffordshire, Shropshire & Black Country maternity network, Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust and the RADAR unit to inform policy development and service provision. Current research interests include: understanding health risk behaviours (smoking, obesity, alcohol); developing effective health interventions for children and families, using innovative qualitative research methods in particular life history calendars and draw and write technique, community based participatory research and the patient experience of health services. Lorna has successfully supervised a number of PhD students and currently supervises students conducting qualitative and/or mixed methods research on a range of topics in public health, nursing and sport and exercise science. She is a member of the Research Advisory Panel (RAP) for Yorkshire Cancer Research.


1998, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD, Health Promotion
Queen's University at Kingston, Canada, MA, Sociology of Sport - Physical and Health Education
York University, Canada, BSc in Education, Primary School
University of Western Ontario, Canada, Honours BA, Sociology

Academic appointments

Reader in Public Health and Health Promotion, Centre For Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 2007 - present


Journal article

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Conference publication

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Scholarly edition

Carmichael F, Hulme C, Porcellato L. 2013. Work histories of Older People - Evidence from Mixed Method Occupational History Calendars

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External committees:

Research Advisory Panel (RAP) ., Yorkshire Cancer Research