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Dr Andrea Mallaburn

Dr Andrea Mallaburn


Journal article

Saad KA, Walsh B, Mallaburn A, Brundrett M. 2017. EXPLORING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES IN MALAYSIAN’S SCHOOLS International Journal of Eduction Psychology and Counselling, 2 :1-18 >Link

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Brennan VK, Mallaburn A, Seton L. Teachers’ perception of chemistry outreach work, especially in the context of children’s social demography TEAN, 10 :3-14 >Link

Conference publication

Tynan RJ, Mallaburn A. 2016. Assessing teachers in training: Towards understanding and achieving consistency across ITT/E partnerships. Eighth Annual Conference for Research in Education: Values in Education

Clays K, Tynan R, Mallaburn A, Jones RB. Science education in the UK – a journey First Pedagogical Conference between LJMU and City Unity College, Athens

Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

That’s So Cool! Strategies to beat barriers to engagement for WP learners., ASE Annual Conference 2018, University of Liverpool, Oral presentation 11/01/2018

Strategies to increase inclusion of socioeconomically challenged learners: a case study, Variety in Chemistry Education and Physics Higher education Conference 2017, University of York, Poster presentation 23/08/2017

Strategies to increase inclusion of socio-economically challenged learners: a case study, Teaching & Learning Conference, June 2017, LJMU, Liverpool UK, Oral presentation 15/06/2017

The Role of the mentor in an increasingly school-led English initial teacher education system, Thinking Deeply about Teacher Education, Birmingham, Oral presentation 12/05/2017

Cultivating Learning - Civic Engagement with local Secondary Schools, LJMU Teaching and Learning Conference 2016, LJMU, Poster presentation 15/06/2016

Civic Engagement: Learning everywhere but the classroom, 7th Teacher Education Advancement Network Annual Conference - ‘Cultivating Learning’, University of Aston, Oral presentation 05/05/2016

Civic Engagement: Learning everywhere but the classroom, 7th Teacher Education Advancement Network Annual Conference, Aston University, Oral presentation 05/05/2016

Civic Engagement: Learning everywhere but the classroom, LJMU Teaching and Learning Conference 2015, LJMU, Oral presentation 17/06/2015

Media Coverage:, Changes on the way to science classes in many Merseyside schools through new LJMU scheme. New funding means 'engaging and enriching' activities for pupils, university says Liverpool Echo 18th April 2018 article to announce Shaping futures funding of £44 to deliver an intensive programme of chemistry interventions in local school to promote HE study, Post on the LJMU Teaching and Learning Academy Blog about the developing staff -student relationships to get the best out of curriculum enhancement internships TLC2015, Blog post detailing the Chemistry for All project and its contribution to the Summer Internship programme TLC2015

Other Professional Activity:

The Chemistry for All team worked with All About STEM to provide a 6 week resource for school STEM clubs with a focus on chemistry activities. Resource publicly available on the All About STEM webpages

Research Grants Awarded:

Shaping Futures (National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP)., Shaping Futures with Chemistry, Ian Bradshaw, Andrea Mallaburn, Paul Ireland, Grant value (£): 44,221, Duration of research project: 1 year

Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemistry For All, Ian Bradshaw, Paul Ireland, Andrea Mallaburn, Grant value (£): 150, 000, Duration of research project: 5 years