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Dr Hazel Andrews

Dr Hazel Andrews

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Dr Hazel Andrews is Reader in Tourism, Culture & Society at Liverpool John Moores University. As a social anthropologist Hazel is interested in issues of identity, selfhood and the body principally in relation to tourism and travel. Hazel’s PhD thesis was the first full length ethnographic study of British charter tourists which involved periods of participant observation in the resorts of Palmanova and Magaluf on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Hazel has drawn on this fieldwork to publish journal articles and book chapters. She is the author/editor of 6 books including the monograph ‘The British on Holiday’ published by Channel View in 2011. More recently she edited a collection on the subject of Tourism & Violence (Ashgate, 2014) in which her own chapter included work based both on Mallorca and Menorca. Hazel regularly reviews articles for the numerous tourism journals, is a founding editor of the Journal Tourism Consumption and Practice (, has organised international conferences and symposia and is chair of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Tourism Committee.


London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, PhD
London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, MA International Tourism Policy

Academic appointments

Reader, LJMU, 2014 - present



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Journal article

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Book review

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Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Mediating Magaluf, Seventh International Tourism and Media Conference, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, Oral presentation 24/08/2016

Tourism and Violence: Examples from Mass Tourism, International Sociological Association, World Congress of Sociology: Sociology on the Move, Gothenburg, Sweden, Oral presentation 11/07/2010

The Influence of Another Place on teh uses and meanings of Crosby Beach as a Liminal Landscape, Liminal Landscapes Symposium, Liverpool, UK, Oral presentation 01/07/2010

Hospitality and Eroticism, The Erotic: Exploring Critical Issues, Salzburg, Austria, Oral presentation 31/10/2008

Views from Abroad: Britishness in Charter Tourism, Britishness, Identity and Citizenship: The view from abroad, Huddersfield, UK, Oral presentation 05/06/2008

The Tourist Breast: Nation, Sex and Consumption, International Critical Tourism Studies Conference, Split, Croatia, Oral presentation 20/06/2007

How to be British: Discourses of Nationalism in Tourism Imagery, GAZING, GLANCING, GLIMPSING: Tourists and Tourism in a Visual World, Brighton, UK, Oral presentation 13/06/2007

Giving Habitus a Break: Charter Tourism and Nationalism, ISA World Congress of Sociology. The Quality of Social Existence in a Globalising World, Durban, SA, Oral presentation 23/07/2006

Hospitality and Eroticism, CHME, 15th Annual Research Conference, Nottingham, UK, Oral presentation 10/05/2006

'We Saw them all off': Little Britain on the Edge of Europe., International conference: Periphery and Policy, Truro, UK, Oral presentation 21/04/2006

Gendered Spaces of Tourism: Examples from Mallorca, RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference: Flows and Spaces in a Globalised World, London, UK, Oral presentation 31/08/2005

Giving Habitus a Break: Charter Tourism and Nationalism, ISA, RC50 Extra in-between seminar, Wageningen, Netherlands, Oral presentation 01/06/2005

Caught in a Myth: Constructions of British Identity in Mallorca, Journeys of Expression IV: Tourism, Carnival and Folklore, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Oral presentation 17/03/2005

Tourism to Magaluf and Palamnova, Mallorca, 9th Mediterranean Ethnological Summer Symposium, Piran, Slovenia, Oral presentation 01/09/2002

Consuming Hospitality on Holiday, CHME, 10th International Research Conference, London, UK, Oral presentation 19/04/2001

Landscapes of Consumption: The Examples of Palmanova and Magaluf, Mallorca, 1st International Conference on 'Consumption and Representation': Consuming Markets, Consuming Meanings, Plymouth, UK, Oral presentation 02/09/1999


British Federation of Women Graduates, British Federation of Women Graduates

Radcliffe Brown Memorial Fund for Social Anthropological Research, Radcliffe Brown Memorial Fund for Social Anthropological Research

Conference organisation:

ASA: Thinking Through Tourism, Scientific Committee Organiser and chair of panel Tourism and Landscapes of Identity & Selfhood Co-organiser and co-chair of panel Researching Tourism: Reflexive Practice and Gender

International Sociological Association, Co-organiser and Chair of panel Social Construction of the Tourist Experience

Royal Anthropological Institute Anthropology in the World, Organiser and Chair of Tourism Panel

IUAES 17th World Congress, Co-Organiser and Co-Chair Anthropology of Tourism, Embodiment and the Senses

Royal Anthropological Institute: Anthropology and Photography, Co-organiser and Co-Chair Tourism and Photography Panel

Tourism & Embodiment: The state of the art, Orgnaiser

Tourism Intersecting with Violence International Sociological Association Congress, Panel Convenor Book proposal being developed as a result

Liminal Landscapes, Organiser (academic content),

Editorial boards:

Journal of Tourism Consumption and Practice, Co-Editoro and co-founding editor,

External collaboration:

Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Touris, Journal Article Review

Tourism Geographies, Journal Article Review

British Academy, Referee for Post Doctoral Research Project Application, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Reviewer for articles

Tourist Studies, Journal paper review

Annals of Tourism Research, Journal article review

External committees:

Tourism and Embodiement Special Interest Group, The Association for Tourism and Leisure Education, Chair,

Tourism Committee, Royal Anthropological Institute, Chair

RC50 International Tourism Research Committee, International Sociological Association, Member,

External PGR examinations performed:

University of Brighton, PhD, Co-Construction of hospitality culture: behaviour, encounters and social construction in English hotels

Sheffield Hallam University, PhD, Exploring Music Festival Experience using Phenomenological Psychology

University of Granda, Spain, PhD, Market Orientation adoption in rural tourism. Impact on business outcomes and the perceived value

University of Warwick, PhD, Masculinity, Tourism and Transgression: a qualitative study of British Stag Tourism in an Eastern European City

University of Plymouth, PhD, The Tarmac Cowboys: an ethnographic study of the cultural world of Boy Racers


Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute,

Media Coverage:, 'Brits abroad: stereotype or media hype?' published on The Conversation. 7th October 2017, Interview for Diario de Mallorca, 2015 Una antropóloga británica llegó a la conclusión de que sus compatriotas buscan libertad "sin consecuencias" y reafirmarse en su identidad 'british'

Article for The Independent Newspaper and 'i' on Saturday 23rd May 2015 pp 32-33 'Shagaluf, the PhD - one acedmic's summer of hell'

Interview for THE 'Fear and Loathing in Shagaluf' as part of The Outer Limits series, research outside the comfort zone. THE 2015 No 2, 203 pp 40-43

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth,

Other invited event:

Touring the Regions (Dis) Uniting the Kingdom on Holiday, Middlesex University, London, Public Lecture

CHME 11th Annual Research Conference, Leeds, UK, Keynote Speech: Hospitality & Eroticism

Britishness in Charter Tourism, Uni of Newcastle, Newcastle, UK, Guest Lecture

British in Charter Tourism & Tourism and Violence, MMU, Manchester, UK, Guest lectures

Britishness in Charter Tourism, MMU, Manchester, UK, Guest lecture

Tourism, Mallorca and Violence, NHTV, Breda, The Netherlands, Guest lecture

Hospitality and Eroticism, Sunderland, UK, Guest Lecture

‘Effervescent Britishness’ on holiday in Mallorca: Examples from Palmanova and Magaluf, SOAS, London, Guest lecture

Seminar: Magaluf, Mamading & Moral Panic. Tourism Research Seminar, Royal Anthropological Institute, London, Second in a series of tourism research seminars organised by Prof David Harrison on behalf of the RAI Tourism Committee and Development Studies Association

Keynote Speech International Conference Contemporary Perspectives in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Policy, Practice and Performance, Centre of Sport, Tourism & Leisure Studies, University of Brighton, Keynote Speech: Becoming Through Tourism

Guest Lecture, SOAS London, Guest lecture based on my monograph

Guest Lecture, SOAS London, Guest lecture based on my monograph

Guest Lecture, London Met Uni, London, Guest Lecture based on my book "The British on Holiday"

Other Professional Activity:

Internal PGR thesis examination: •Kelly, D (2016) The substance use, sexual behaviour and health needs of young tourists travelling to national and international holiday destinations. LJMU. •Heaney, J (2009) Culture, Food, Memory and Health – An Intergenerational Study in Liverpool. LJMU.

Thursday 20th October 2016 Reviewer meets Reviewed SEMINAR SERIES AT THE ANTHROPOLOGY LIBRARY AND RESEARCH CENTRE The British on Holiday: Charter Tourism, Identity and Consumption Anthropology Library and Research Centre, British Museum The British Museum’s Anthropology Library and Research Centre, in conjunction with the Royal Anthropological Institute, is pleased to present the first seminar in the 2016-17 series of ‘Reviewer meets Reviewed’, a discussion between Dr Hazel Andrews, author of ‘The British on Holiday: Charter Tourism, Identity and Consumption’, and Professor Tom Selwyn, who reviewed the book for the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Teaching qualification:

Postgraduate Certificate Higher Education, Distinction

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, Distinction