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Dr Nicholas Wise

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Nicholas Wise is Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events management in the Faculty of Education, Health and Community at Liverpool John Moores University. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States, Nicholas completed his Bachelor’s degree at Lock Haven University (2006) and Master’s at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2008). In 2012 he completed his PhD in Human Geography at Kent State University in Ohio. For his PhD research he conducted an ethnographic study residing with Haitians in a remote village in the Dominican Republic studying sport, contested identities and (informal) events. Upon completion, Nicholas moved to Scotland where he worked as Lecturer in International Sport, Events and Tourism Management at Glasgow Caledonian University from 2012 to 2015. He then worked in Taiwan before beginning his current position in Liverpool. Nicholas has travelled extensively in 100 countries as a student, an instructor, for research/fieldwork, to present at conferences, as a volunteer and for leisure, inspiring him to conduct internationally focused research and to edit collections bringing together a range of international perspectives.

His current research focuses on competitiveness, social regeneration and community impacts, conducting work across the areas of sport, events and tourism. He brings an international perspective to his teaching informed by scholarly research focusing on the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Serbia and Italy. He has published across several disciplines and collaborates with colleagues across a number of academic disciplines. His most recent contributions appear in a number in international journals including: Cities, Geographical Research, Journal of Community Psychology, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Sport in Society, Local Economy, Sustainability, Tourism Management Perspectives, and he has written book chapters for a number of edited collections. He released three edited books in 2017 with Routledge: Urban Transformations: Geographies of Renewal and Creative Change (with Julie Clark), International Sports Volunteering (with Angela M. Benson) and Sport, Events, Tourism and Regeneration (with John Harris). Links to these books and recent journal articles can be found in the publications tab.


2012, Kent State University, United States, PhD
2008, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States, MA
2006, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, United States, Bachelor of Science
Higher Education Academy, UK, PGCertLTHE


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Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

Managing Sports Tourism and Events in Medulin and Pula (Croatia) During the Off-Season, Research Symposium on Tourism, Hospitality & Events: Border Crossings & Inter-Connections, University of Sunderland, UK, Oral presentation 24/05/2017

Impacts of Creative Change on Social Development: Using Sport to Sustain Off-Season Tourism in Medulin, Croatia, ToSEE – Tourism in South East Europe, Session: Tourism in the Creative Industries, Opatija, Croatia, Oral presentation 04/05/2017

Post 2014 and 2016: Sporting Mega-Events and Tourism in Brazil’s host cities, Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers, Session: Cultural Geographies (January 4), New Orleans, LA, USA, Oral presentation 03/01/2017

Social Regeneration, Wellbeing and Legacy: How NGO's Help Haitians find a Sense of Community, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Special Session: Wellbeing and Community Change 1: Issues and Impacts of Urban Renewal (March 30), San Francisco, CA, USA, Oral presentation 28/03/2016

Sports Geography and Sports Sociology, Invited Lecture to the College of Physical Education, National Taiwan Sport University, Invited Lecture 26/11/2015

Place and Location: Image, Awareness Transformation through Aesthetic Representations, Developing Insight for Fieldwork on Events, Images and Aesthetics—the Case of Exit and Novi Sad, Re:)branding Serbia: Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality, Session: Creative Industries/Events in Tourism (July 9), Novi Sad, Serbia, Oral presentation 08/07/2015

Sport Tourism and Urban and Regional Regeneration in Croatia, Gran Sasso Science Institute workshop on Integrating City Tourism(s) into the Urban Research Agenda, Session: Urban Coastal Tourism: Policies and Practices (June 16), L’Aquila, Italy, Oral presentation 15/06/2015

How European is the Ryder Cup? A Socio-Geographic Analysis, European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference, Session: Nationalism II (June 12) , with J. Harris, Dublin, Ireland, Oral presentation 10/06/2015

Assessing the continued remaking of Dubrovnik’s image: Aesthetics and heritage preservation, impacts of globalization post-2006, VII International Tourism Congress: The Image and Sustainability of Tourist Destinations, Session: Tourism Marketing and Destination Image (December 3), Muscat, Oman, Oral presentation 02/12/2014

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, Regional Studies Association

Other Professional Activity:

Academic Service: Manuscript Reviewer Academic Journals: American Journal of Sociology; Cogent Social Sciences; Current Issues in Tourism; Društvena Istraživanja; European Journal of Tourism Research; Health, Risk & Society; International Journal of Geo-Information; Journal of Community Psychology; Journal of Cultural Geography; Journal of Latin American Geography; Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education; Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development; Journal of Tourism Research & Hospitality; Leisure Studies; Local Economy; National Identities; Social & Cultural Geography; Sustainability; TIMS Acta; Tourism Analysis: an Interdisciplinary Journal; Tourism and Hospitality Management Book Proposals: Palgrave Macmallin; Routledge (2); Rowman & Littlefield

External Examiner Birmingham University College (2017–Present) -BA/FdA International Tourism Business Management -MA International Tourism Business Administration -MA Tourism Destination Management

Rugby and Communities, Academic-Industry/Community Engagement Glasgow, UK (7 May 2015) Co-Organizer (John Harris [Lead Organizer], John Cullen, Fraser Gow, Lucia Aquilino)

Special Sessions: Wellbeing and Community Change: Issues and Impacts of Urban Renewal San Francisco, CA, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, with Julie Clark (30 March 2016) Publication:

Special Sessions: Urban Renewal: Changing Places and Changing Perceptions in Challenged Neighborhoods Chicago, IL, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, with Julie Clark (22 April 2015) Publication: Forthcoming Edited book:

International Workshop on: Regeneration, Enterprise, Sport and Tourism (8-9 September 2014), Glasgow, UK, Co-Organizer (with Geoffrey Whittam). Publication: Special Issue in Local Economy (2015, Vol. 30 Issue 8, editorial pp. 867–870)

Research Grants Awarded:

Erasmus+, Capacity Building Project “Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education in Russia and China Submission Number: 586225-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP., Holger Kuße (Technische Universiteat Dresden, Germany), Ian Hall (The Higher Education Academy, UK), Nicholas Wise (LJMU, UK), Morena Cuconato (Universita di Bologna, Italy), Susana Gonçalves (Instituto Politecnico de Coimbra, Portugal), Elena Guseletova (Institute of World Civilizations, Russia), Tatiana Tregubova (Federal State Budget Scientific Institution–Institute of Peda, Russia), Marina Vidrevich (Ural State University of Economics, Russia), Konstantin Korolev (Penza State University, Russia), Che Yi (Sanya University, China), Yuan Qin (Jiangxi Normal University, China), Xu Qian (Private Hualian University, China), Grant value (£): €997,985, Duration of research project: 3 Years

Glasgow Caledonian University, 2015 PhD Studentship (Sports Tourism and Urban-Regional Regeneration), Grant value (£): £14,800 p/a

Erasmus, Erasmus Teaching Mobility, Lifelong Learning Programme (Rijeka, Croatia), Grant value (£): 1,012, Duration of research project: 2 Weeks

Smart Citizenship fund of Aberystwyth University’s Transformative Social Science Network, Smart Citizenship fund of Aberystwyth University’s Transformative Social Science Network, Gareth Hall (Primary Investigator), Grant value (£): £992.58, Duration of research project: 2016

Carnegie Corporation of New York, Public Engagement Grant, John Harris (Coordinator), Grant value (£): 11,000, Duration of research project: 2014

Researcher Links: Newton Fund, British Council and Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, Workshop on Sport and Social Transformation in Brazil, Funding, Grant value (£): £1,098, Duration of research project: Funded Workshop Participation (1 Week in Brazil)

Croatian Science Foundation, This work was supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under Grant UIP-2014-09-1214; Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management under Grant UIP-2014-09-1214., Marko Perić (Primary Investigator), Grant value (£): 40,081, Duration of research project: 3 years