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Miss Nura Alwan





Conference publication

Alwan N, Davies I, Moss S, McVeigh J, Enright K. 2017. Novel insights into methods practiced among female physique athletes to acquire optimal body compositions. International Sport & Exercise Nutrition Conference, 19-21st December.

Journal article

Owens D, Sharples AP, Polydorou I, Alwan N, Donovan TD, Tang J, Fraser WD, Cooper RG, Morton J, Stewart CE, Close GL. 2015. A Systems Based Investigation into Vitamin D and Skeletal Muscle Repair, Regeneration and Hypertrophy American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism, Epub Ahead of Print >DOI >Link >Public Url


Webb R, Davies I, McVeigh J, Stewart C, Kean J, Enright K, McCullough D, Alwan N. How a love of muscle can break a heart: The rationale and design of a study investigating lipid-mediated cardiovascular disease in anabolic steroid using bodybuilders Faculty of Education, Health & Community Festival of Research Conference, Place/location of conference: