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Dr Eduardo Cordova-Lopez

Dr Eduardo Cordova-Lopez

Telephone: 0151 231 4341


Eduardo graduated from the University of Liverpool, School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, with a first class honours degree in Computer and Multimedia Systems. Following this, he obtained a PhD at Liverpool John Moores University with
a thesis entitled Online Monitoring of Microwave Plasma for Reduction of Vehicle Exhaust Gases and Nano Particulates at the Radio Frequency and Microwave Research Group, School of General Engineering Research Institute in the Faculty of Technology and Environment.
Since then, he has been a full time researcher in Building Services and the Environment at the school of the Built Environment working mainly on areas related to vehicle environmental pollution, microwave plasmas, vehicle exhaust pollutants and remediation, GIS and Wireless Sensor Networks. He has also been a sessional lecturer in LabVIEW for the School of Engineering and Part Time Lecturer at the School of the Built Environment in areas related to materials and Environmental Legislation and Management Systems.
He has also worked in the ERDF funded project Low Carbon Innovation Hub as the researcher associated to the environmental management and clean technologies.


Spanish; Castilian


2009, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD, Engineering
2005, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, First Degree, Computer and Multimedia Systems


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Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

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