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Dr Clare Harris

Dr Clare Harris

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Journal article

Alattabi AW, Harris CB, Alkhaddar RM, Hashim KS, Ortoneda-Pedrola M, Phipps D. 2017. Improving sludge settleability by introducing an innovative, two-stage settling sequencing batch reactor Journal of Water Process Engineering, 20 :207-216 >DOI

Al-Attabi AWN, Harris C, Alkhaddar H, Alzeyadi A. An investigation into the effects of MLSS on the effluent quality and sludge settleability in an aerobic-anoxic sequencing batch reactor (AASBR) 1st International Conference on Sustainable Water Processing, >DOI

Conference publication

Al-Attabi AWN, harris C, Al Khaddar R, Alzeyadi A, Hashim K. 2017. Treatment of Residential Complexes’ Wastewater using Environmentally Friendly Technology Creative Construction Conference 2017 96 ( :792-799 >DOI

Al-Attabi AWN, Harris , Alkhaddar , Alzeyadi . 2017. The effects of hydraulic retention time on the sludge characteristics and effluent quality in an ASSBR, International Conference for Students on Applied Engineering (ISCAE) :458-462 >DOI

HARRIS CB, ALKHADDAR RM. 1995. OPTIMISATION OF THE OPERATING PARAMETERS IN AN EXPERIMENTAL DAF PROCESS FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT Wrobel LC, Latinopoulos P. WATER POLLUTION III, 3rd International Conference on Water Pollution - Modelling, Measuring and Prediction :321-328 >Link

Al-Attabi AWN, harris CLARE, Al khaddar RAFID, Alzeyadi ALI, Jebur AMEER, Hashim KHALID. Ammonia Removal using Sequencing Batch Reactor: The Effects of Organic Loading Rate 3rd BUiD Annual Doctoral Research Conference 2017

Al-Attabi AWN, harris CLARE, al khaddar RAFID, Alzeyadi ALI, Abdulredha MUHAMMAD. Online Monitoring of a Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Domestic Wastewater Creative Construction Conference 2017, CCC 2017

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