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Dr Yaser Jemaa

Dr Yaser Jemaa

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Conference publication

Ridwan , Dirar S, Jemaa Y, Theofanous M, Elshafie M. 2019. Strengthening of seismically deficient exterior beam-column connections using embedded steel bars Olivia M, Marto A, Yamamoto K, Wishart D, Saputra E, Sudarsana IDK, Ariawan IMA, Yekti MI, Ridwan R, Wibisono G, Pringgana G, Andrio D. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (ICANCEE 2018), International Conference on Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICAnCEE) 276 >DOI >Link

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Rahman RA, Dirar S, Jemaa Y, Yang J, Elshafie M. 2015. Shear strengthening of exterior beam-column joints using embedded carbon fibre reinforcement polymer bars Advanced Composites in Construction, ACIC 2015 - Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Conference on Advanced Composites In Construction, :148-153

Journal article

Rahman R, Dirar S, Jemaa Y, Theofanous M, Elshafie M. 2018. Experimental Behavior and Design of Exterior Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints Strengthened with Embedded Bars JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES FOR CONSTRUCTION, 22 >DOI >Link

Caro M, Jemaa Y, Dirar S, Quinn A. 2017. Bond performance of deep embedment FRP bars epoxy-bonded into concrete ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, 147 :448-457 >DOI >Link

Qapo M, Dirar S, Jemaa Y. 2016. Finite element parametric study of reinforced concrete beams shear-strengthened with embedded FRP bars Composite Structures, 149 :93-105 >DOI >Link >Public Url

Garcia R, Jemaa Y, Helal Y, Guadagnini M, Pilakoutas K. 2014. Seismic Strengthening of Severely Damaged Beam-Column RC Joints Using CFRP JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES FOR CONSTRUCTION, 18 >DOI >Link

Garcia R, Hajirasouliha I, Guadagnini M, Helal Y, Jemaa Y, Pilakoutas K, Mongabure P, Chrysostomou C, Kyriakides N, Ilki A, Budescu M, Taranu N, Ciupala MA, Torres L, Saiidi M. 2014. Full-Scale Shaking Table Tests on a Substandard RC Building Repaired and Strengthened with Post-Tensioned Metal Straps JOURNAL OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, 18 :187-213 >DOI >Link


Garcia R, Hajirasouliha I, Pilakoutas K, Helal Y, Jemaa Y, Guadagnini M, Petkovski M, Mongabure P, Anca Ciupala M, Kyriakides N, Chrysostomou CZ, Ilki A, Saiidi MS, Torres L, Taranu N, Budescu M. 2014. Shake table tests on deficient RC buildings strengthened using post-tensioned metal straps Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering 26 :187-202 9783319004570 >DOI