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Dr Atif Waraich

Dr Atif Waraich

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Conference publication

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Cao B, Yang S, Zhao J, Yang P, Waraich A. Using Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization For RFID Reader-to-reader Anti-collision >Public Url

Journal article

Al-Khafajiy M, Kolivand H, Shamsa T, Tully D, Waraich A. 2019. Smart Hospital Emergency System Via Mobile-based Requesting Services Multimedia Tools and Applications, >DOI >Public Url

Al-Khafajiy M, Shamsa TMSB, Chalmers C, Asim M, Kolivand H, Fahim M, Waraich A. 2019. Remote Health Monitoring of Elderly Through Wearable Sensors Multimedia Tools and Applications, >DOI >Public Url

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