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Department of Computer Science

Dr Somasundaram Ravindran

Dr Somasundaram Ravindran

Telephone: 0151 231 2251


Journal Articles

Berry T, Ravindran S. 2002. Tuning the Zhu-Takaoka string matching algorithm and experimental results KYBERNETIKA, 38 :67-80 >Link

Taylor MJ, Baskett M, Reilly D, Ravindran S. Game theory for computer games design Games and Culture,

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

Ravindran S, Gibbons AM, Paterson MS. 2000. Dense edge-disjoint embedding of complete binary trees in interconnection networks THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, 9th Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (AWOCA 98) 249 :325-342 >DOI >Link