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Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering

Dr Charly Lersteau


Journal Articles

Lersteau C, Rossi A, Sevaux M. 2018. Minimum energy target tracking with coverage guarantee in wireless sensor networks European Journal of Operational Research, 265 :882-894 >DOI

Lersteau C, Rossi A, Sevaux M. 2016. Robust scheduling of wireless sensor networks for target tracking under uncertainty EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, 252 :407-417 >DOI >Link

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

Lersteau C, Sevaux M, Rossi A. 2014. Multiple Mobile Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Siarry P, Idoumghar L, Lepagnot J. SWARM INTELLIGENCE BASED OPTIMIZATION (ICSIBO 2014), 1st International Conference on Swarm Intelligence-Based Optimization (ICSIBO) 8472 :123-130 >DOI >Link