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Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering

Dr Dimitrios Paraskevadakis


Journal Articles

Bury A, Paraskevadakis D, Ren J, Saeed F. 2017. A framework for use in modelling the modal choice decision making process in North West England’s Atlantic Gateway Logistics & Sustainable Transport, 8 >DOI

Paraskevadakis D, Bury A, Wang J, Ren J, Bonsall S, Jenkinson I. 2016. The impact of transport infrastructure projects on sustainable development within a major logistics gateway in North West England Logistics & Sustainable Transport, 7 >DOI

John A, Paraskevadakis D, Bury A, Yang Z, Riahi R, Wang J. 2014. An integrated fuzzy risk assessment for seaport operations SAFETY SCIENCE, 68 :180-194 >DOI >Link

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

John A, Riahi R, Paraskevadakis D, Bury A, Yang Z, Wang J. 2015. A new approach for evaluating the disruption risks of a seaport system Nowakowski T, Mlynczak M, JodejkoPietruczuk A, WerbinskaWojciechowska S. Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications, PROCEEDINGS OF THE EUROPEAN SAFETY AND RELIABILITY CONFERENCE (ESREL) :591-598 >Link