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Dr Linghai Lu


Dr Lu’s interests include Aircraft Modelling and Real-time Simulation, Inverse Simulation, Robust and Nonlinear Control, Aircraft/Rotorcraft Safety and Operation, Flight/Rotorcraft Handling Qualities, System Identification in the Time and Frequency Domains, Full-Motion Simulator Fidelity (6DOF), Aircraft Design, Human Factors, and UAV Guidance, Navigation, and Stabilization

Dr Lu is open for PhD application

Career History
• 2017.07 -- Now Senior Lecturer in System Modelling Engineering (UAV), LJMU
• 2015.08 -- 2017.06 Lecturer for Aerospace Engineering in the University of Central Lancashire
• 2015.01 -- 2015.07 Researcher at Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) at STFC Daresbury Laboratory
• 2007.10 – 2014.12 Research Fellow at Centre for Dynamics (Aerospace) in the University of Liverpool
• 2004.03 -- 2004.10 Electrical Engineer at Intel Inc.

Funding Awards
• Internal: 2017.04 Seed Corn Funding for Early Stage Researchers from the Faculty ECR seed corn research funding (PI, £2k, 2017.04 - 2017.07)
• Internal: 2017.12 Building a VR Flight Simulation platform, Pump Priming Award from Faculty of Engineering and Technology (PI, £5k, 2018.01 -2018.05)
• Internal: 2017.12 Building a Virtual Reality Simulation Platform with Motion System, Knowledge Exchange & Innovation (KE&I) (PI, £10k, 2018.01 -2018.07)

• External: 2017.10, A Novel Approach to Rotorcraft Simulation Fidelity (EPSRC, EP/P030009/1, PI, £365,697, 2018.01 - 2021.06),

• 2013.09 Best Paper awarded from 39th European Rotorcraft Forum, Moscow, Russia
• 2010 -- 2011 The GARTEUR Award of Excellence awarded from European Commission
• 2004.10 -- 2007.09 Full Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) and University Scholarship awarded from British Government and University of Glasgow
• 2006.10/2015.05 Attendance of a Flight Laboratory Course awarded from National Flying Laboratory Centre, UK
• 2004.05(08) Excellent Working Performance awarded twice from Intel Inc.


Chinese (Mandarin)


2007, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, PhD in Electronic & Electrical Engineering
2003, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Master in Electronic & Electrical Engineering
2001, University of Yanshan, China, BSc (Hons 1st) in Electrical Engineering and Automation Control


Journal Articles

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Lu L. 2010. Inverse Modelling and Inverse Simulation for Engineering Applications: Novel Ideas for System Engineering and Control Applications LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing 978-3838337333 >Link

Engagement & Impact

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