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Dr Samuel Tammas-Williams

Dr Samuel Tammas-Williams

Telephone: 0151 231 2295

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Sam is a senior lecturer at LJMU. He enjoys working on industrially relevant research problems, having been previously been awarded a fellowship by Rolls-Royce to better link the academic and industry sectors, and working as an X-ray imaging consultant in Manchester during his PhD. His current research interests lie in the study and improvement of advanced manufacturing, particularly additive manufacturing/3D printing of metals and understanding the links between manufacturing and material properties. He is currently working with external organisations ranging in size from less than 10 to greater than 500,000 personnel.


2015, The University of Manchester, UK, PhD
2015, The University of Sheffield, UK, PGDip
2010, The University of Manchester, UK, MEng


Journal article

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Hernandez-Nava E, Smith CJ, Derguti F, Tammas-Williams S, Leonard F, Withers PJ, Todd I, Goodall R. 2015. The effect of density and feature size on mechanical properties of isostructural metallic foams produced by additive manufacturing ACTA MATERIALIA, 85 :387-395 >DOI >Link

Conference publication

Thompson A, Tammas-Williams S, Senin N, Todd I, Leach R. 2018. Correlating volume and surface features in additively manufactured metal parts Proceedings - 2018 ASPE and euspen Summer Topical Meeting: Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing, :116-120


Tammas-Williams S, Todd I. 2017. Functionally graded materials Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts: Modeling, Optimization, and Control of Mechanical Properties :217-238 9781498739986 >DOI

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