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Dr Xiaoxiao Liu


Journal article

Liu X, Maiti R, Lu ZH, Carré MJ, Matcher SJ, Lewis R. 2017. New Non-invasive Techniques to Quantify Skin Surface Strain and Sub-surface Layer Deformation of Finger-pad during Sliding Biotribology, 12 :52-58 >DOI

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Liu X, Gad D, Lu Z, Lewis R, Carre MJ, Matcher SJ. 2015. The contributions of skin structural properties to the friction of human finger-pads PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART J-JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING TRIBOLOGY, 229 :294-311 >DOI >Link

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Liu X, Carre MJ, Zhang Q, Lu Z, Matcher SJ, Lewis R. Measuring Contact Area in a Sliding Human Finger-Pad Contact Skin Research and Technology, >DOI


Zhang Q, Liu X, Spurgeon S. 2016. Development of Intelligent Predictive Models for Crowding - Final Feasibility Report Technical Report: Development of Intelligent Predictive Models for Crowding on Trains using Data-driven Methodologies :0-103 >Link

Conference publication

Hu X, Maiti R, Liu X, Gerhardt L-C, Lee ZS, Byers R, Franklin SE, Lewis R, Matcher SJ, Carre MJ. 2016. Skin surface and sub-surface strain and deformation imaging using Optical Coherence Tomography and Digital Image Correlation Larin KV, Sampson DD. OPTICAL ELASTOGRAPHY AND TISSUE BIOMECHANICS III, 3rd Conference on Optical Elastography and Tissue Biomechanics III 9710 >DOI >Link

Liu X, Lu Z, Lewis R, Carre MJ, Matcher SJ. 2013. Feasibility of using optical coherence tomography to study the influence of skin structure on finger friction TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 1st International Conference on Biotribology (ICoBT) 63 :34-44 >DOI >Link