Dr Ariel Edesess

School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment


Loughney S, Edesess AJ. 2022. Applications of Industrial IoT and WSNs in O&M Programmes for Offshore Wind Farms Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering 76 :223-245 DOI

Journal article

Edesess AJ, Kelliher D, Borthwick AGL, Thomas GP. 2017. Offshore monopile in the southern North Sea: Part I, calibrated input sea state PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS-MARITIME ENGINEERING, 170 :122-132 DOI Author Url

Conference publication

Edesess AJ, Kelliher D, Borthwick AGL, Thomas G. 2017. Improving global accessibility to offshore wind power through decreased operations and maintenance costs: a hydrodynamic analysis Waewsak J, Sangkharak K, OThong S, Gagnon Y. Energy Procedia, 2017 International Conference on Alternative Energy in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies (AEDCEE) 138 :1055-1060 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url