Dr Liang Men

School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Dr. Liang Men is a lecturer at School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Liverpool John Moores University. Previously, he finished EPSRC+AHRC funded PhD + MSc at Queen Mary University of London.

As a lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, he developed and led 2 MSc modules, both are related to HCI and VR: i) UX for Immersive Technology, ii) Advanced Topics in VR. Each module has 33 delivered hours, including 11 one-hour lectures plus 11 two-hour labs. Apart from these, he also developed and delivered part of the materials for other modules including: level 6 Mix-Realty Technology, and two other modules. He has successfully supervised 4 undergraduates and currently is supervising 2 MSc students and 4 undergraduate students with their final projects.

In regard to research and skill set, he is experienced with designing and implementing empirical studies. One of his past VR projects -- LeMo is one of the earliest multiplayer VR project that allows people to make music in room-scale VR with bare-hand interaction. His another VR storytelling game -- Krasnikov integrated 360 video and computer-generated animation. These projects evidenced his experience in VR prototyping (C# programming in Unity, 3D modelling using Cinema 4D, and 2D graphics design using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and interaction design). Since 2016, he has practiced empirical user-based studies, data collection (including subjective data such as transcript of interviews, and objective data such as user-behaviour-based data, including subjects’ position, hand movements, gestures, attention paid between each other etc.) and data analysis. Four user-based HCI experiments have been carried out and produced a series of papers, links to which are available in the CV. From 2021 onward, he has written and submitted several research biddings, and one was successful (£5K, PI).

Dr. Liang Men is constantly looking for PhD students who is interested in pushing a PhD in creative VR/XR. If interested please contact him directly. Please check more of his projects at the address below:


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Editorial boards:

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Frontiers Research Topic: Remote XR Studies, Editor, https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/26920/remote-xr-user-studies. 2021

Other Professional Activity:

PC member for Audio Mostly 2021. 2021

Reviewer for the journal: Computers & Education (publisher: Elsevier). 2020

Reviewer for Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). 2018

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