Dr Jack Mullett

School of Engineering

Conference publication

Dickinson P, Shenton T, Mullett J, Dearden G. 2010. Prospects for Laser Ignition in Gasoline Engine Control 10th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control

Journal article

Mullett JD, Dearden G, Dodd R, Shenton AT, Triantos G, Watkins KG. 2009. A comparative study of optical fibre types for application in a laser-induced ignition system Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, 11 :054007-054007 DOI

Mullett J, Dickinson P, Shenton T, Dearden G. 2008. Multi-Cylinder Laser and Spark Ignition in an IC Gasoline Automotive Engine: A Comparative Study SAE Technical Papers, DOI

Mullett JD, Dodd R, Williams CJ, Triantos G, Dearden G, Shenton AT, Watkins KG, Carroll SD, Scarisbrick AD, Keen S. 2007. The influence of beam energy, mode and focal length on the control of laser ignition in an internal combustion engine Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 40 :4730-4739 DOI

Dodd R, Mullett J, Carroll S, Dearden G, Shenton T, Watkins K, Triantos G, Keen S. 2007. Laser ignition of an IC test engine using an Nd:YAG laser and the effect of key laser parameters on engine combustion performance Lasers in Engineering, Vol. 17 :213-231 Publisher Url


Mullett J, 2009 . Laser-induced ignition systems for gasoline automotive engines University of Liverpool .