Dr Marco Messina

School of Engineering

Dr Marco Messina has started his new position as a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Design and he is a member of LOOM since September 2015. Marco studied for his bachelor and master course in the Management Engineering course at the Bologna University in Italy, completed in 2005. In 2007 worked as a research assistant at the University of Technology of Sydney in Australia for 2 years and at the end of 2009 started a PhD course in a motorsport project in Cranfield University (UK). Dr Messina also worked a year in the industry after completion of his PhD as a consultant engineer in the automotive sector.

Research interests include:
1. Design of nanotech devices,
2. MEMS design and optimization,
3. Wireless sensors networks,
4. Virtual engineering,
5. Structural NVH/crash analysis of vehicles,
6. Development of new composite materials used in lightweight structures, and
7. Passive/active safety technologies in the automotive industry.

Web Addresses:
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Currently I am looking for motivated candidates to undertake PhD studies in the filed of smart sensor for biomedical applications.

Dr Messina is the director of study for the following PhD student:

Mr Osman Salih
PhD title: Investigation on an intelligent shunt for Hydrocephalus patients

The Aim of this investigation is to attempt to offer a more effective process to combat Hydrocephalus. This will be achieved by developing an intelligent mobile system with the support of Artificial intelligence. The new system would be able to mine for data and learn from both the patient and the physician data, treatments processes, and drugs used. The system should then be able to suggest treatments plans for specific patients.




2013, Cranfield University, United Kingdom, PhD
2005, Bologna University, Italy, MEng

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, Maritime and Mechanical Engineering, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 - present

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