Dr Anitra Malin

Nursing and Allied Health

My academic background was originally in the medical sciences and has latterly been in public health. Professionally I am a Registered Nurse and Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visiting) and I have worked in a range of public health spheres of practice including health visiting, school nursing, family planning, TB contact tracing and community development.

As an educator, I particularly enjoy supporting students in developing their skills for lifelong learning within higher education and professional practice and I am keen to enable people to get the most from their academic and professional learning by supporting them with a range of approaches and strategies; as an academic and personal coach, I use this and other ways of working with students to support them throughout their studies.

From a research perspective, my interests are concerned with the value of the use of coaching alongside PhD supervision and the impact and importance of service user narratives in public health care delivery.

Journal article

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