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Dr Carolyn Lees

Dr Carolyn Lees

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Carolyn has worked in a variety of healthcare settings for over 25 years, in a clinical role as a community nurse as well as in professional development and educational roles across a number of sectors.
She has a Masters Degree in Education from Hope University where she undertook a quantitative systematic review examining burn out and stress among nurses in clinical practice. Following this she gained a Masters Degree in Applied Research at Liverpool University focusing her research on community nurses confidence in using computer technology in supporting their work. Her PhD, completed at Liverpool John Moore's University explored the use of advanced nursing roles in community nursing environments. She has also been successful in gaining the Mary Seacole NHS Leadership Award focusing her dissertation project on the effective use of organisational politics and conflict. She is currently a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Adult Nursing at Liverpool's John Moores University.

Her main research interests include:
The Out of Hospital Agenda
The Application of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
The Management of Falls in the elderly living at home


2009, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD Nursing
2005, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Masters in Applied Research
1995, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Masters in Education

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, School of Nursing and Allied Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 - present

Postgraduate training

Nurse Prescriber, United Kingdom, University of Central Lancashire, 1998 - 1999
District Nursing Certificate, United Kingdom, University of Liverpool, 1987 - 1988


Journal article

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Engagement & Impact

Conference presentation:

What is the quality of end of life care for those who die at home? A study to explore the views and experiences of bereaved carers’, RCN International Research Conference, Edinburgh, Oral presentation. 2016

External collaboration:

St Helen's Clinical Commissioning Group & Liverpool John Moore's University School of Nursing and Allied Health, St Helen's Clinical Commissioning Group. 2016


Cross Faculty PhD Studentship, SCS/EHC 'From lab to the end-user: Using empirical research to develop a screening tool for assessing the risk of falls on stairs in older people at community level'., LJMU. 2016

Other Professional Activity:

Grants Awarded Curriculum Enhancement Internship Project: Carer burden a review of the literature £2018 grant awarded Curriculum Enhancement Internship Project: The Nursing SPACE (Student Publishing And Creative Excellence) Academic Partnership. Phase 1 £4036 grant awarded Phase 2 £2000 grant awarded.