Prof Debbie Roberts

Nursing and Allied Health


2021, The University of Salford, UK, PGCE Tg & Lg in HE
2007, University of Salford, United Kingdom, PhD
1998, The University of Wales (NEWI), Wales, BSc(Hons) Nursing Studies

Academic appointments

Director of the School of Nursing and Allied Health, School of Nursing and Allied Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 2021 - present

Postgraduate training

PGCE, UK, The University of Salford, ? - present


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Journal article

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Conference publication

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Editorial/letter to the editor

Hayes J-A, Jones I, Roberts D. More than semantics: promoting and protecting nurse education in the 21st century British Journal of Cardiac Nursing,


Principal Fellow HEA, Higher Education Academy. 2021

Conference organisation:

NETNEP 2020, Member of the Scientific review panel. 2019

NETNEP 2018., Member of the international scientific review panel. 2018

Co-Chair the conference and the International Scientific Review Panel for NETNEP 2016, Brisbane, Australia., Co-Chair of the conference and member of the International Scientific Review Panel. 2015

External PGR examinations performed:

University of Salford., PhD, The experiences of newly graduated nurses in Saudi Arabia: A qualitative case study examining social, cultural, and contextual challenges.. 2019

University of Salford, PhD, Affective domain development of undergraduate nursing students: defining, developing and measuring the impact of transformational learning activities.. 2019

Cardiff University, PhD, Knowers and Enquirers: A collaborative enquiry into dialogic reflection in the Occupational Therapy Curriculum.. 2018

Huddersfield University, PhD, Student nurses participation in simulation – a study to explore simulation as a learning strategy in an undergraduate nursing curriculum.. 2017

Liverpool John Moores University, PhD, Decision-Making: understanding undergraduate fitness to practise panels using a simulated case study approach.. 2016

University of East Anglia, PhD, An investigation of professional integrity in pre-registration nurse education.. 2016

London South Bank, PhD, A case study of How Nursing Students Learn Clinical Decision Making in Practice Placements.. 2014

External PGR Supervision - completed students:

Glyndwr University, Professional Doctorate, Exploring the experiences of physiotherapy in North Wales for people with Multiple Sclerosis; informing service development and practice. 2017

Glyndwr University, PhD, ‘New’ terrorism and the implications for perceptions of Islam among different faith groups. A qualitative study.. 2017

Glyndwr University, Professional Doctorate, The in-service training experiences of mental health nurses. 2017

Glyndwr University, PhD, A Narrative Enquiry into Health Visiting Practice.. 2016

Glyndwr University, PhD, Does engagement in purposeful and meaningful occupation resulting from client-centred Occupational Therapy (OT) prolong optimum functioning and improve patient experience and outcomes for people with Motor Neurone Disease?. 2016


Better Births By Design; an evaluation undertaken on behalf of the Royal College of Midwives, RCM. 2016

Editorial boards:

Nurse Education in Practice, Associate Editor. 2014

Research Grants Awarded:

Burdett Trust for Nursing, Identifying the processes and indicators that nurse leaders use to achieve impact and embed innovative practices across different contexts, as well as different care settings, organisations, communities and multi-professional teams., Professor Kim Manley: England Centre for Practice Development, Canterbury Christ Church University &Professor Belinda Dewar: Institute of Healthcare Policy and Practice in Scotland, University of Western Scotland., Grant value (£): £49,788.